Santa Ana Truck Accident Lawyer

Santa Ana is the center of commerce and business for Orange County, California. The nearby Port of Long Beach handles 6.8 million 20-foot containers every year, many of which are loaded onto 18-wheeler trucks for transport throughout Southern California. When these trucks cause traffic accidents, serious personal injuries often ensue. The California Highway Patrol reports that in 2014 alone at least 7,831 people were injured by truck accidents and 310 people were killed.

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Santa Ana or in Southern California, you may rely on a Santa Ana truck accident lawyer for help and advice with filing a civil case and fighting for compensation. An experienced attorney is waiting to hear your case, so contact today.

Santa Ana Truck Accident Causes

The CHP found the leading causes of Santa Ana truck accidents are:

  • Impeding traffic
  • Unsafe driving (i.e. speeding, following too closely, improper passing, unsafe turns)
  • Violating pedestrian right of way
  • Lack of awareness while backing up
  • Brake lights
  • Running stop lights and stop signs

Dangers of Truck Accidents

Trucks on our roadways generally weigh more than 20,000 pounds, but they often collide with cars weighing 4,000 pounds or less. This dramatic difference in weight is a major reason why truck accidents involving cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians can cause serious or catastrophic personal injuries.

Truck accident victims commonly suffer bone and skull fractures, traumatic brain injuries, burns caused by explosions or fire, and spinal cord trauma leading to paralysis. These injuries often require weeks of intensive medical treatment, ranging from sutures and skin grafts to surgery and significant rehabilitative efforts—all of which can be extremely expensive and result in loss of wages and income during the recovery process, not to mention daily pain and suffering.

How to Build a Successful Accident Claim

Fortunately, financial recovery for damages sustained in a truck accident is possible in Santa Ana, California. In serious cases, a truck accident victim can incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and economic damages. With so much at stake, it is important to know what to expect from the civil recovery process, as well as what can be done in the immediate aftermath to strength a civil case.

Obtain All Evidence Possible

This may include the police report, witness statements, photographs of the accident scene, photographs of the damage to all vehicles involved, and even news footage of the accident and traffic tie-up. An experienced truck accident attorney could assist with much of this research, and in some cases enlist their own team of experts to report on the causes of the truck accident.

Document All Injuries and Damages

It can be critical to document injuries for presentation in settlement negotiations, especially if that negotiation leads to a civil trial. Santa Ana truck accident lawyers may gather medical reports and bills as they occur during recovery, photograph injuries at each stage of recovery, and video-record rehabilitation efforts. Video reports from family members about the impact of a plaintiff’s injuries, including the financial strain and emotional toll their injuries caused loved ones, can be helpful as well.

Demand Full and Fair Compensation

With enough documentation of injuries and their subsequent injuries, truck accident victims may have a much more convincing case for maximum compensation. Extensive preparation and professional presentation from a skilled truck accident lawyer in Santa Ana could increase the odds of a positive result even more.

Contact Santa Ana Truck Accident Attorneys Today

To get started on your truck accident case, call a Santa Ana truck accident lawyer today. No one should have to pay for medical expenses they are not responsible for accruing, and a seasoned truck accident attorney could work to ensure that you and your family do not.