Irvine Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing home abuse is often a very sensitive form of abuse. It often takes advantage of loved ones who may not have the capacity to defend themselves or report on their abuse. It often must be the responsibility of the family to report and investigate any potential abuse that an elderly loved one may be suffering. If your loved one has been the victim of abuse in a retirement home, it is in your best interest to consult with an Irvine nursing home abuse lawyer as you and your family may be eligible to receive damages. A committed personal injury attorney can help you compile all the necessary evidence, interview witnesses, and file the necessary paperwork to give you the best chance at reaping financial compensation. Only a knowledgeable Irvine nursing home abuse lawyer can assist in presenting a strong case, and gathering the award that you and your loved ones deserve.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

An Irvine nursing home abuse lawyer will help their clients protect their rights when a care facility harms an elderly or dependent patient. While many people only think of these cases in terms of nursing home negligence involving patients over the age of 65, these cases also deal with matters involving the abuse of adults under the age of 65 as well. These elements of abuse may include:

  • Improper medical regimen in drug rehabilitation facilities
  • Emerging from the facility addicted to a new drug as a result of the facility’s own medical approach
  • Improperly administered treatments
  • Improper exercise of control
  • Improper supervision of patient

Because the abuse of adults under the age of 65 is a rapidly developing area of law, it is important that individuals seek out lawyers who have experience defending these types of cases. Due to the sensitive nature of these cases, it is crucial to make sure that a lawyer is present to help relieve any financial, physical, or emotional stress that may be sitting on the shoulders of the suffering individual and their family. Abuse in nursing homes is unfortunately too common to ignore, with those over 65 being abused by those who can take advantage of them, and trick them into thinking certain practices are appropriate when in reality they are not. Contacting a knowledgeable lawyer is the only way for a family to ensure that their loved ones are being represented with the strength, attention, and care that they deserve.

Learn More from an Irvine Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Due to the various negative long-term effects of abuse, it is imperative that if you or a loved one was abused that you consult with an Irvine nursing home abuse lawyer today to begin building your case. An individual and their loved ones may be entitled to a variety of damages under California law. Both economic and non-economic damages can be in play when dealing with nursing home abuse, and only an experienced attorney can best determine which damages are appropriate. During this sensitive time, it is pertinent to acquire the assistance of a knowledgeable Irvine nursing home abuse lawyer. Only then can you rest assured that your case is being handled properly and effectively.