Role of the Witness in Irvine Personal Injury Cases

When you find yourself amid a personal injury case, it is easy to feel overwhelmed in the fight for just compensation. If you work with an Irvine personal injury lawyer, you will likely be asked about a number of details, not all of which you may recollect after an accident.

Any accident is disorienting, so it helps to have witness testimony to support your claim and illustrate why you are entitled to certain compensation. Beyond seeking medical attention, one of the most important actions we suggest taking is gathering witness information.

Without corroboration, a personal injury case can often become a case of ā€œyour word against mine.ā€ If the injured person is filing a claim against an institution, such as a workplace or transportation provider, then strong advocacy is especially important.

Irvine personal injury attorneys are happy to provide this advocacy and certainly not afraid of any challenge. However, witness testimony can be a welcome asset.

Importance of a Witness

Witnesses may often have information an injured individual may not have observed in the moment calamity struck. For instance, the other driver was on a cell phone or seemed drunk before their collision.

The more detailed testimonies someoneā€™s lawyer can have, the stronger case they can build.Ā If someone is physically able after an accident, it is encouraged for them to speak to any nearby witnesses who are willing to share their version of events.

They should collect names and any contact information they are willing to share, so that that person or their attorney may contact them later. If their lawyer is able to speak to them at the scene of the accident, this is even better still.

Witnesses Supplement Video Footage

If someoneā€™s accident takes place in a business establishment, there may be video footage of the incident.

While this footage can certainly be helpful in unraveling the details of the event, video footage may not always be clear or paint the whole picture. A live witness can help provide much-needed context and strengthen someoneā€™s case.

Expert Witnesses

Beyond those who witnessed a personā€™s accident, their personal injury lawyer may find help from a different kind of witness, such as the expert witness. Someone with logistical, environmental, medical or other knowledge may be able to unlock and better contextualize their case.

For instance, if someone is working in a hazardous work environment that causes them injury or illness, a building inspector can explain how this happened and how it could have been prevented. A thorough and experienced lawyer will want to know every contributing factor to their injury.

Preparing Witnesses in a Personal Injury Case

Expert witnesses are generally more comfortable speaking in a courtroom. However, it is still normal for your attorney to walk them through the process.

Other witnesses may be less familiar and less comfortable with public speaking. A capable and attentive trial lawyer can help prepare your witness for a deposition or to appear before a judge and jury.

Talk to an Attorney Today

If you are injured due to anotherā€™s willful or negligent behavior, you should take these three steps: call 911, reach out to witnesses, and speak to an experienced Irvine personal injury lawyer.

With strong professional advocacy and witness testimony, skilled attorneys can work to ensure you receive just compensation for your injuries.