Irvine Uber Accident Lawyer

Although it may seem like any other accident, there are a number of important legal considerations to take into account if you have been injured in an accident involving an Uber, Lyft, or a traditional taxi. This includes what insurance coverage is available and who is potentially liable for damages, whether it be the actual driver or the company. An Irvine Uber accident attorney is available to help you sort through these issues, while also helping prove liability on the part of the negligent party. Therefore if you have been injured, call and schedule a consultation with an trusted motor vehicle injury attorney today to go over your case.

Injuries As a Passenger

If someone is injured as a passenger in a taxicab, Uber or Lyft vehicle, this will impact the case in many ways, especially from the standpoint of insurance coverage. The insurance coverage available to compensate the injured passenger needs to be analyzed by an Irvine Uber accident attorney, as the passenger’s own motor vehicle insurance coverage may even play a role in obtaining the best possible compensation for the injured passenger.

With the popularity of Uber and Lyft ride services, this presents a unique aspect to these cases since the insurance of the negligent driver will definitely play a role.

Injuries As Another Driver

If a negligent taxi driver is the cause of the collision and the injured individual is in another vehicle, then this would be treated as a vehicle versus vehicle case. However, the taxi driver’s involvement requires investigation into the insurance coverage available and the driving record of the negligent taxi driver. By hiring an experienced taxi accident lawyer in Irvine you can begin investigation, ensuring you can recover the maximum damages possible.

Importance of Legal Representation

Since companies who employ taxi drivers, including Uber and Lyft drivers, have been involved in many prior incidents involving their drivers, they are highly experienced in defending these claims. As a result, it is exceedingly important for an individual who has been injured by a taxi, Uber, or Lyft driver to obtain representation from an Irvine Uber accident attorney so that their interests are protected.

Whether the insurance company or an attorney is representing the negligent driver, the injured individual should have their rights preserved and protected by an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows how to properly present the claim in order to obtain the best compensation for the injured person.

Discuss Your Case with an Irvine Uber Accident Attorney

At the outset of the case, it is exceedingly important to analyze the facts of the collision, investigate exactly what transpired, contact witnesses, and notify the adverse negligent driver that a claim is being presented.

During this process, an Irvine Uber accident lawyer will also analyze and monitor all of the medical treatment received by the injured client so that they are then able to present all of their damages in the most appropriate manner and obtain the best result. Call now for a consultation.