Irvine Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A motorcycle accident can be catastrophic. The motorcyclist lacks the protective caging of the metal body of a car to be protected from direct impact with the vehicle striking the motorcycle or the street when there is an accident.

An injury caused by a motorcycle accident often requires physical therapy and extensive medical treatment, but can cost the motorcyclist her or his life. The emotional, financial, and physical toll that this kind of accident can have on a person can be life-long for both the rider and their family.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Irvine, it is important to speak with an experienced California motorcycle accident lawyer that can help you hold the responsible party accountable.

California Motorcycle Laws

Motorcycles have a smaller profile than other vehicles, which can make them more difficult to see and increase the chances of a collision. As a result, California requires that motorcyclists comply with the rules of the road to enhance their likelihood of safe riding.

  • Riders must be licensed to operate a motorcycle on California roads, which requires that they complete a motorcycle riding training course as well as a driver’s education course.
  • Lane splitting and lane sharing are permitted, but there are restrictions on when it is appropriate to do so. There is currently pending legislation that will specify when it is appropriate.
  • Motorcyclists are required to have and use working front and rear turn signals; the exception to that rule is vintage bikes that were not equipped with that feature at the time that they were manufactured, at which point hand signals are acceptable and required.

Failing to comply with California road rules can impact your recovery amount.

California Standards for Motorcycle Riders

California courts use a pure contributory comparative negligence standard in all personal injury cases. Under the pure contributory negligence standard, the victim of a motorcycle accident is permitted to recover for any injuries sustained as a result of negligence caused by another person. The amount of compensation that the victim may be awarded, however, is reduced by the percentage of fault that is attributable to them.

Pure contributory negligence is only applicable in cases that are decided in court. As such, if the parties are able to reach an agreement outside of court, there is no legal doctrine that would render it voided because of the amount of fault that is attributable to the victim.   

How Your Attorney Can Help

In personal injury cases in California, the victim has two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit against the private entity that is responsible. If the accident was caused by a government entity, the victim has 180 days to file a lawsuit. If the victim fails to file a lawsuit in court within that allowable time frame, they are barred from doing so.

An attorney is necessary if you were injured in a motorcycle accident on Irvine streets or highways. An experienced personal injury lawyer is aware of the deadlines that must be met and the burden required to establish liability in these cases.

If you have been significantly injured in a motorcycle collision in Irvine, contact an experienced local motorcycle accident attorney to have your case evaluated.