Vespa/Motor Scooter Accidents in Irvine

The use of a motor scooter, such as a Vespa, is growing increasingly popular these days. They offer a simple and fun way to commute, the chance for fresh air, and help save money on commuting costs. Unfortunately, motor scooter accidents have also been on the rise, necessitating the need for experienced motorbike accident attorneys.

With the high traffic volume in this area, commuters using this form of transportation are vulnerable to severe injuries and property damages. When negligent motorists cause your crash, you have the right to hold them financially accountable. If you were in a collision with a careless driver, contact a hard-working lawyer skilled in Vespa/motor scooter accidents in Irvine.

Proving Liability After a Motor Scooter Crash

To determine liability after a crash, the plaintiff will need to prove to the court that the other party’s negligent actions were the direct cause of the accident. There are vital steps they can take with the help of a lawyer to establish liability. Those steps include:

Thorough Investigation

A thorough investigation will include taking photographs, collecting medical records, reports, interviews, and a careful review of the entire case. An investigation could also include expert consultation.

Create a Solid Legal Strategy

Creating a solid legal strategy will include determining the critical aspects of the case and preparing for potential arguments from the defense.

Determining Negligence

To determine negligence, the plaintiff must show that the defendant owed them a certain duty of care. For example, all drivers owe other motorists a duty of care while operating a motor vehicle. They must drive safely and use precautions to ensure they do their part to keep drivers – and others like motor scooter riders – around them safe. Once they establish a duty of care, they will need to prove the defendant’s actions were unreasonable. In other words, in the same situation, a reasonable person would not do the same thing.

Recovering Compensation After an Accident

The amount of compensation the injured party can recover after a Vespa accident in Irvine will depend on the severity of injuries and losses. The court may award a wide range of costs if the plaintiff proves the other party is liable. Those include:

  • Current and future medical care and rehabilitation costs
  • Current and future loss of income
  • Property damages
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish
  • The loss of enjoyment of life
  • The loss of function due to a permanent disability

When the negligent actions of a person cause injuries and losses, a skilled attorney could help recover an injured person’s losses.

Is There a Time Limit to File a Lawsuit?

To file a lawsuit in this state, there are specific time limits the plaintiff must pay close attention to for the filing deadline. Per California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1, the injured party has two years to file a civil claim after a Vespa or motor scooter crash in Irvine. The time will begin running on the day of the collision. Failing to file the case in time could result in the inability to collect compensation for damages, which is why someone should retain legal counsel soon after the incident occurs.

Schedule to Meet With an Irvine Attorney to Discuss a Vespa/Motor Scooter Accident

Operating a motor scooter daily for transportation can be fun and economically beneficial since they help save commuters money on commuting costs for gas, parking, and more. Unfortunately, even when riders follow every safety precaution, accidents could occur because of other negligent drivers. If you sustained injuries while in a Vespa/motor scooter accident in Irvine, contact a lawyer to assist you in legal action.