Irvine Birth Injury Lawyer

A birth injury is a medical injury to a newborn either during gestation of approximately nine months or when the newborn is delivered. Such injuries can include the failure to treat particular conditions in utero while the mother is pregnant, or medical problems which result when the birth and delivery is not handled properly. Also, immediately upon birth, if a particular disease or medical problem is not diagnosed in a timely fashion, it can lead to other serious complications for the newborn infant which can also be characterized as a birth related injury. Sadly, many of these complications can persist or cause chronic issues throughout the child’s entire life. If any of these very unfortunate situations should occur, the family should consult with an Irvine birth injury lawyer, in order to seek appropriate damages, and hopefully find some sense of justice. To learn more or discuss your claim, consult with an skilled personal injury attorney in Irvine today.

Unique Aspects of Birth Injury Cases

If medical malpractice has caused or contributed to a birth injury of a newborn, the special needs of the newborn child and the types of medical treatment make these cases very unique. The needs of the newborn child have to be addressed specifically in order for the appropriate treatment to be obtained in a particular case.

What Are Some Types of Birth Injuries and What Could They Affect?

Different types of birth injuries could affect almost any of the organ systems of a newborn infant. This could include injuries to the heart, brain, nervous system, or extremities. Congenital heart defects could include improper circulation of the newborn infant which needs immediate specialized medical treatment. Other neurological injuries could include injuries to the brain, paralysis, or even cerebral palsy.

Various types of birth injuries need exceedingly specialized medical treatment immediately upon birth, and if the proper diagnosis is not made, this could lead to further serious injuries to a newborn infant. In some cases this misdiagnosis might justify a lawsuit with the assistance of an Irvine birth injury attorney.

Indications of an Injury

Certain types of birth injuries can be diagnosed shortly after birth. However, there are many circumstances where particular symptoms do not arise until a later time. As such, it is important for the parents of a newborn infant to always have the baby examined by a pediatrician in the hospital right after delivery and then periodically during the first several years of life.

What Happens When a Problem Is Not Diagnosed Quickly Enough?

If a medical condition or disease entity was not appropriately diagnosed in a timely fashion, and earlier detection and treatment could have made a substantial difference, there may be a viable medical malpractice case. In these situations, it is important to work with a birth injury lawyer in Irvine to ensure that the medical records and treatment plan of the various physicians is analyzed appropriately in order to determine whether medical malpractice has occurred.

Hire an Irvine Birth Injury Attorney

Each case has to be analyzed on its own individual facts and merit. An Irvine birth injury lawyer can provide this case analysis, so that the parents of a child with birth-related injuries can proceed with a potential medical malpractice case on behalf of their child. Give us a call to discuss your options.