Factors To Consider When Hiring An Irvine Injury Attorney

The most important thing is to contact a qualified Irvine personal injury lawyer immediately after the incident has occurred. This gives the attorney the advantage of beginning the case right away before the insurance company investigates reasons to diminish or deny the claim. The proper investigation and analysis of the case should be performed as soon as possible after the incident happened. However, when choosing an attorney there are a variety of different factors you must take into account. The following is information on these factors and how they impact the eventual steps an injury attorney will take. To learn more call and schedule a consultation today.

Factors To Consider When Hiring An Attorney

The most important factor that the injured party should consider is the experience and qualifications of the lawyer that they are considering to allow represent them. This can be determined through a variety of methods including the independent ratings of that particular attorney.

One such rating system is AVVO which is a rating company that is independent and which I would only recommend that the injured party retain a personal injury lawyer who has a 10.0 AVVO which is the highest rating available. Another benchmark would be the Martindale-Hubbell rating of the lawyer who should have an AV rating. AV Preeminent is the highest rating that Martindale-Hubbell offers and this is independent. The attorney that is being rated gets peer evaluated by other lawyers in the field where they practice. So an AVVO 10.0 rating and AV Preeminent would be very good indicators of a lawyer who is qualified and experienced.

Other Factors To Consider

Some other aspects to consider when retaining a lawyer is whether they are in the local trial lawyers association, especially if they’ve been on the board of directors or president of the local trial lawyers association. That is a very good indication because a past president of the trial lawyers association has exceptional qualifications and excellent experience to be elected to that position.

If the lawyer you’re considering retaining has been a lecturer and speaker at different presentations that’s another good criteria. And then finally if the lawyer has received the accolade of “Trial Lawyer of the Year”, that is another factor of experience. These different qualifications will be available on the website of the law firm, which will list the ratings of these independents rating organizations.

How to Determine Case Results and Other Past Experiences

By reviewing the website of the attorney, you should be able to review their case results, track record and experience on the other case.

The review of this information will explain the types of cases the law firm handles and the results obtained. If they have handed your type of case, such as a motor vehicle accident, serious injury or medical malpractice case, you should ask how your case is similar or different from others they have handled. An attorney who has obtained significant compensation awards that are acknowledged by trial lawyer associations or independent case review organizations is certainly one you should consider retaining.