Things to Provide to An Irvine Injury Attorney

If you are involved in any type of accident where another person or business may be at fault, it is recommended that you contact a qualified Irvine injury attorney’s office as soon as possible. Early contact with your attorney ensures that you know what you need to do and what information you need to provide so the attorney can establish liability or fault in the case.

Your attorney can contact your treating physicians in order for your medical status to be monitored from the very beginning and over the course of the time you receive treatment.

What To Give Your Attorney

The injured party should provide their lawyer with all documents that they have in their possession with regard to the accident or injury. In a motor vehicle accident, for example, this would include a police report that the client should immediately give to the lawyer. If they have not yet obtained the police report, by calling the personal injury attorney immediately after the accident occurred, the lawyer can have the client sign an authorization and the lawyer can obtain the police report regarding the traffic collision. A police report can provide very important information regarding all the people involved, the location, and how the accident happened.

Since, as the injured party is obtaining medical treatment and seeing various doctors or specialists, that information must be provided to the attorney so the attorney can compile all of the treatment records over time. This record becomes part of the client’s permanent file that the attorney then uses to negotiate the best possible result in terms of compensation for their client. Such a file would include any medical records that the client has in their possession. At a minimum, a chronological list of all the doctors and facilities they have seen should be provided.

Other Evidence Used in Injury Cases

Photographs of the accident scene are also very important. This can vary from the type of accident, whether a car accident scene or the location where they slipped and fell, or if they were walking down a stairway in an apartment building or retail store and they went to grab on the handrail and the handrail failed and came out of the wall causing them to sustain an injury then photographs of that location are very important. Photographs of the injuries themselves are also very helpful. If you are in a cast or your head is bandaged or you have any scars, keep a chronological photographic record of such injuries and provide them to your lawyer over time. These are all very important items for the attorney to review in order to document the seriousness of the injury.

Scarring from an injury is a very good example. A plaintiff that may have had treatment after a car accident and had an operation that left a bad scar on their forehead or on their face, which is permanent. The lawyer needs photographs of how the scar looks over time. Evaluating information and such documentation is something that a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer does in the case.