Santa Ana Premises Liability Lawyer

All property owners have a duty to protect visitors to their land. Under California law, a landowner must take reasonable steps to protect visitors from any hazards they know or should know about. Unfortunately, many landowners fail in this duty and people suffer injuries.

Premises liability laws allow anyone who suffers injuries due to landowner negligence to collect compensation for their injuries. This can include compensation for medical treatment, but also for any lost wages and mental suffering associated with the incident. A Santa Ana premises liability lawyer could help you understand your rights under the law and pursue compensation from negligent property owners. Contact an experienced injury lawyer today to learn more about filing a claim.

When is a Landowner At-Fault for an Injury?

Premises liability laws cover any injury that happens on land because of landowner negligence. A classic example is a slip and fall injury. However, premises liability extends to other sources of injury, including:

  • Structural defects
  • Poor maintenance
  • A lack of security measures leading to assaults or other crimes
  • Dangerous conditions such as mold or fire hazards

California law outlines what a plaintiff must prove to win in a premises liability case. California Civil Jury Instruction 1000 states that a plaintiff must show:

  • That the defendant owned or otherwise controlled the property
  • That the defendant negligently failed to upkeep or repair the property
  • That the plaintiff suffered harm
  • That the defendant’s negligence substantially contributed to the injury

The key dispute in these cases is often whether the defendant’s actions were negligent. California Civil Jury Instruction 1003 defines negligence as allowing an undue risk of injury because of a condition or defect. This only applies when the landowner knows or should know about the condition.

Evidence that can prove these cases include security camera footage, any statements made by the landowner that they knew of a hazard, or any maintenance records for the property. A Santa Ana premises liability lawyer can work with people to gather this evidence and apply it to the laws to prove their case.

Damages an Injured Person in Santa Ana Can Claim

At the center of any premises liability claim in Santa Ana is a physical injury. In fact, the elements of a claim under California law require that the plaintiff prove they suffered a physical injury. These injuries typically include broken bones, concussions, sprained ligaments, separated joints, and spinal cord injuries.

In addition, a premises liability case can also demand compensation for non-physical injuries. A prime example of this is lost wages due to missed time at work. In even relatively minor cases, a person may miss time at work to attend physical therapy appointments. More serious cases will involve hospitalizations or a permanent disability. Negligent landowners must compensate anyone who loses any earnings due to an injury caused by their negligence.

People can also claim damages for mental suffering. Losses of quality of life due to pain, lack of ability to enjoy hobbies, and even a loss of marital relations are all valid sources of potential compensation. A Santa Ana premises liability attorney can work with people to understand the full impact that the injury has had on their lives and to demand appropriate compensation.

A Santa Ana Premises Liability Attorney Can Help

All landowners have a duty to protect visitors to their land from any unreasonable risk of harm. Injuries that result from slips and falls, poor maintenance, or even a lack of security may be the landowner’s fault. When this is the case, you have the right to collect compensation.

A Santa Ana premises liability lawyer could work with you to determine whether the landowner’s negligence led to your injuries and to pursue compensation. However, there is a strict time limit of two years from the date of the accident to file a case. Time is of the essence, contact a Santa Ana premises liability lawyer to schedule a consultation.