Santa Ana Opioid Lawyer

Many once considered opioids a breakthrough in the treatment of chronic pain, but recent events have thrust the dangerous nature of these prescription medicines into the public spotlight. Studies suggest these medications may not be as effective at helping to manage pain as once believed. Opioids are highly addictive, and breaking addiction to opioids can be tremendously challenging.

Opioid drugs include oxycodone, hydrocodone, and codeine. If these or other opioid medications caused you to experience injury, you might be entitled to monetary compensation. With assistance from a Santa Ana opioid lawyer, you may also be able to receive compensation if your spouse or other close family member died as a result of opioid use.

Common Compensable Losses in an Opioid Injury Lawsuit

Injured plaintiffs in opioid lawsuits might face several significant expenses and costs related to their recoveries. Fees associated with medical appointments, emergency room visits, and hospitalizations are just the beginning. Those impacted by opioids may also require rehabilitation and addiction treatment at inpatient or residential facilities. They may also miss considerable time from work due to attending medical appointments or while receiving treatment for their addiction. Opioids may also impact their future earning potential.

These expenses, along with non-economical losses such as trauma associated with opioid withdrawal and mental health services, may be compensable in an opioid lawsuit. Drug manufacturers, doctors, pharmacists, and other defendants may be directed by a court to compensate for any loss or injury that a plaintiff experienced because of their opioid use. Courts might typically enter such orders where the careless, reckless, or intentional conduct of a defendant causes the plaintiff to suffer an injury or other loss.

A court may also direct a defendant to pay punitive damages in situations where the defendant’s conduct is egregious or shocking to ordinary sensibilities. Punitive damages are not considered compensation but instead penalize defendants for their behavior.

A Santa Ana opioid injury attorney’s review of a plaintiff’s case may assist plaintiffs in understanding the compensation that they could potentially receive through a lawsuit.

Conduct Giving Rise to an Opioid Lawsuit

Opioid manufacturers who did not adequately warn doctors and patients of the dangerous side effects and addictive qualities of their drugs may be responsible for paying compensation to injured opioid users. Manufacturers who provided incentives for doctors to push or encourage patients to use opioids may also have to pay restitution to those injured by opioids.

Likewise, doctors, pharmacists, and other professionals may owe compensation to those hurt by opioids if these professionals’ careless or reckless acts led to a person suffering harm. A court may find a doctor liable if the doctor prescribed opiates for a patient without discussing other alternatives with the patient. The court could also find a pharmacist culpable if the pharmacist had reason to know a person was addicted to opiates but continued to refill the person’s prescriptions for opioids anyway.

A dangerous drug lawyer in Santa Ana may help plaintiffs identify whose actions played a role in their opioid-related injury case. Taking this step helps ensure plaintiffs are able to pursue the compensation they require.

Reach Out to a Santa Ana Opioid Attorney

If opioids have impacted your family and led to hospitalizations, addiction, or death, you and your loved ones may have a viable lawsuit for compensation. Consult with a seasoned Santa Ana opioid lawyer about your legal rights and what compensation you may be able to receive.