Santa Ana Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slips and falls are among the most common sources of personal injuries in Santa Ana. Slips that result from wet surfaces, recently polished tiles, or spills can cause severe injuries. Any time you visit another person’s property, even if you are a tenant in your own apartment, that landowner has a legal duty to protect your wellbeing.

A Santa Ana slip and fall lawyer can help you examine the reasons for your injury and whether the landowner has any legal liability. A dedicated can help you obtain compensation for not just medical bills, but for any economic and mental injuries you suffered because of a property owner’s negligence.

California Law Concerning Slips and Falls

California law concerning slips and falls is relatively simple compared to other states. According to California Civil Jury Instruction 1000, a plaintiff must be able to prove that:

  • The defendant owned the land where the accident happened
  • The defendant was negligent in their care for the land
  • The plaintiff suffered an injury
  • The defendant’s negligence contributed to the injury

This is in contrast to slips and falls in other states that examine a person’s reasons for being on the land. Instead, a case examines the facts as a whole to determine liability. Slip and fall cases will examine every step the landowner took prior to the accident to determine whether their actions amounted to negligence. This is the core of any slip and fall case.

Negligence is a legal term that means a landowner allowed an unreasonable risk of harm to exist on their property. In addition, an individual must prove the landowner knew or should have known about the condition yet did nothing to fix it.

Valuable pieces of evidence in these cases can be maintenance logs, security footage, and weather reports for the day of the accident to prove that a wet floor was a foreseeable condition. A Santa Ana slip and fall lawyer can work to discover every piece of relevant evidence in a case to prove that the landowner was negligent in the care of their property.

What Injuries Can Result from a Slip and Fall?

Slips and falls can be deceptively dangerous situations. Even a short fall from a few feet places immense strain on a person’s body. A sudden loss of traction and the body’s natural reflex to it will twist joints and can result in severe sprains. The fall itself can result in broken bones, concussions, deep cuts and scrapes, and dislocated joints. Landowners who are negligent in the care of their property are legally liable to pay for all physical harm resulting from an accident.

However, a comprehensive slip and fall claim will demand compensation for the full value of the case. This includes a person’s economic damage resulting from the injury. Many people must miss time at work to attend doctor appointments or even suffer a disabling injury that permanently affects their ability to work. People may also suffer from mental anguish associated with the injury.

A Santa Ana Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Be an Advocate

Slip and fall accidents that happen on another’s land may be the landowner’s fault. California law examines the actions of both the landowner and the injured person to assign blame for the incident. Even if you are partially to blame, as long as the landowner is more than 50 percent to blame, you can recover compensation.

A Santa Ana slip and fall attorney may be able to help. They can gather evidence in an attempt to prove that poor maintenance led to an injury and to pursue a landowner for compensation. This compensation can cover costs for not just medical bills, but also for lost wages and mental anguish. Contact an attorney today to discuss your case.