Santa Ana Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites, even those coming from smaller animals, have the potential to do serious harm. Dogs’ mouths are filled with millions of microscopic bacteria. Any bite that breaks the skin has the potential to cause an infection.

California’s laws concerning dog bites are clear – dog owners are always liable for damage caused by their pets regardless of the dog’s history of viciousness. This can include compensation for any physical injury caused as well as for all economic and emotional damages. A Santa Ana dog bite lawyer can help you if you were attacked by others’ dogs. Compassionate injury attorneys can work to evaluate your claim, apply the relevant law, and pursue compensation.

How the Law Handles Dog Bites

California enacted a statute that deals with civil liability stemming from a dog bite. California Civil Code §3342 states that a dog owner is liable for any damage resulting from a dog bite that happens in a public area or on private property. This applies when a visitor to private property is there with the dog owner’s permission.

This contrasts with many states that enacted one-bite-laws. These laws give a dog owner a one-time pass in the event of a bite if their dog has no history of violence. California’s laws are the opposite, a dog’s history is irrelevant to the claim.

The only exception to the rule is when a dog bites a person who is committing a crime. For example, trespassers on private property cannot claim damages resulting from a dog bite. It is also very difficult for victims of dog bites to claim compensation if the bite came from a police dog. A Santa Ana dog bite attorney can help people apply the law to their case.

Injuries a Dog Bite Can Cause

Even smaller dogs have the ability to cause severe bodily injury. Dog bites that break the skin can easily become infected and require prescription antibiotics or even hospitalization to treat. Larger animals have the ability to cause bone or muscle damage. In either case, a person who a dog bit should seek immediate medical treatment.

Common injuries that result from dog bites in Santa Ana include:

  • Deep cuts and puncture wounds
  • Broken bones
  • Torn tendons
  • Blood poisoning
  • Rabies
  • Scarring

California law allows people who suffered injuries from dogs to claim compensation to pay for their medical costs. But it also allows people to claim compensation for any economic losses. This typically includes payments for lost time at work to attend doctor appointments. In other cases, people may claim emotional damages, especially if the victim is a child. A Santa Ana dog bite lawyer can work with people determine the true impact the incident had on their lives and demand maximum compensation.

A Santa Ana Dog Bite Attorney Can Help Hold the Owners Responsible

California law states that dog owners are always responsible to pay for damage caused by their animals. It does not matter whether the bite occurred in public or on private property, if you were not committing a crime or abusing the animal, the owner is responsible. A Santa Ana dog bite lawyer can help you collect compensation for their injuries.

They can examine the facts of the case and apply it to California law. A typical demand package will seek compensation for physical, economic, and emotional injuries connected to the bite. You only have two years from the date of the bite to file a claim so time may be short. Contact an attorney today to schedule a consultation.