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Prescription drugs are essential to the health people everywhere, and millions of people around the world depend on them to fight a myriad of injuries, diseases, and disorders. Most prescription drugs are subjected to a variety of tests over years, and, to ensure they do not present a threat, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) holds pharmaceutical companies to extremely high standards.

Unfortunately for consumers, dangerous drugs sometimes find their way to the market. These drugs are either dangerous on their own or when they interact with other drugs. To make matters worse, the FDA may not force drug companies to recall such drugs until numerous injuries occur. Fortunately, an attorney could help you understand your legal options.

If you were harmed by a prescription medication, a Santa Ana dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to help you get compensation.

How Do Drugs Become Dangerous?

Drugs could become a serious threat for a variety of reasons, and contrary to popular belief, it is relatively simple for a dangerous drug to make its way to the consumer market. Although the FDA exists to protect consumers from such drugs, sometimes, it is still difficult to monitor every drug in development by pharmaceutical companies.

In many cases, pharmaceutical companies release drugs without studying potential long-term side effects. They may also hide or refuse to release negative test results to the public. In extreme cases such as these, it is critical for victims to retain the services of legal counsel in Santa Ana.

Obtaining Compensation for a Dangerous Drug Injury

Drug companies do not like negative press. If a consumer of their medication is harmed by taking their medicine, a settlement may be used to prevent a case from going to court. This is not always the case, but if a settlement is offered, it is up to the plaintiff to accept it or reject it. Obviously, the ultimate goal of a Santa Ana dangerous drugs lawyer is to obtain the most compensation for a victim as possible.

If the case does go to court, the court could take the following factors into consideration when determining how much the drug company may have to pay:

  • The strength of evidence submitted by the plaintiff
  • The age of the plaintiff
  • The injuries suffered by the plaintiff and whether they are permanent or debilitating
  • The amount of compensation needed to cover past, present, and future medical bills caused by dangerous drug injuries

In general, the more extensive an injury is, the more a plaintiff could receive. In rare cases, the court may require the pharmaceutical company pay punitive damages to a plaintiff if it is found that the company acted in a maliciously negligent fashion.

Have Dangerous Drugs Been Released Before?

In the past, many unsafe and popular drugs were initially declared safe, even though their producers knew they may be dangerous to the public. Many companies even encouraged physicians and other medical professionals to prescribe these drugs. Such practices are common, and in the past, the following popular drugs have been deemed unsafe for certain consumers for various reasons:

  • Zoloft
  • Viagra
  • Pradaxa
  • Risperdal
  • Taxotere

Some of the side effects produced by the drugs were not life threatening. For example, Taxotere, an anti-cancer agent, caused some women suffering from breast cancer to lose significant amounts of hair. Other drugs, such as Pradaxa, a blood thinner used to prevent irregular heartbeat, caused deadly side effects, such as heart attacks and internal hemorrhaging. In both cases, the drugs were promoted and distributed extensively before a warning was issued to the public and made the companies responsible liable.

Connect with a Santa Ana Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

The FDA usually tries its best to protect the public, but sometimes, its efforts just fall short. It is immensely difficult to fight back against giant pharmaceutical companies, but it is possible. If a pharmaceutical company releases a dangerous drug, they should be held legally liable for their negligence.

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