Newport Beach Truck Accident Lawyer

The weight, size, and handling characteristics of most commercial trucks and tractor-trailers require that operators exercise care when driving these large vehicles. In particular, drivers of trucks must give their vehicles extra space within which to brake, must navigate turns more deftly, and must take extra precautions when changing lanes or backing up. Failure to exercise such care could lead to serious truck accidents and severe injuries to pedestrians, motorcyclists, or other motorists on the road.

Those who suffer traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, or other harm after a collision with a commercial vehicle may wish to consult with an experienced Newport Beach truck accident lawyer. These injured individuals may possess the ability to file a lawsuit and seek compensation from a careless trucker, the trucker’s employer, or others responsible for the crash.

Recovering Compensation in a Truck Accident Case

After a truck crash caused by a truck driver’s careless or reckless driving, there are two ways that an injured plaintiff may receive compensation for their injuries. The first is through a settlement agreement reached between the injured person, the trucker, and other potential defendants. The defendant or defendants agree to pay the plaintiff a certain sum of money as compensation. In return, the plaintiff agrees not to pursue any further claim of redress through the courts.

Alternatively, the plaintiff may receive compensation through a successful civil lawsuit. Succeeding in such a suit requires the plaintiff to present evidence and witness testimony that proves that the truck driver and any other defendant acted negligently and thereby caused the plaintiff’s injuries. The plaintiff might need to pursue their claim against multiple parties to have the greatest opportunity to recover adequate compensation if these parties each acted negligently and in so doing, contributed to the truck accident.

Responsibility for Trucking Wrecks in Newport Beach

There may be several individuals or entities who bear some responsibility for a trucking crash. The truck driver themselves might be responsible if they operated their truck in an unreasonable or unsafe manner. In addition to the driver, plaintiffs should investigate the liability of the following:

  • The driver’s immediate supervisor for failing to manage the driver properly
  • The company that employs the driver for failing to train or correct dangerous behaviors
  • The manufacturer of the truck, if a defective part led to the crash
  • The mechanic or shop responsible for servicing the truck
  • The company responsible for safely and securely loading cargo onto the trailer
  • Other motorists on the road who also operated their vehicles carelessly and contributed to the crash

The sheer number of individuals who may be responsible may be overwhelming for some plaintiffs. Newport Beach truck accident lawyers may have the knowledge and resources to analyze a plaintiff’s situation and determine whose carelessness may have played a role in the crash. Legal counsel might then assist plaintiffs in bringing a lawsuit against the appropriate defendants.

Contact a Newport Beach Truck Accident Attorney

The harm you suffered in your truck crash may be significant, but you may not need to find ways to pay for your medical bills or make up wages you could not earn because of hospitalization, doctors’ visits, or the time required to recover. With help from a Newport Beach truck accident lawyer, you may receive compensation for your expenses and losses that you incurred in your crash. Reach out today.