Newport Beach Car Accident Lawyer

Residents and visitors of Newport Beach who are involved in a car wreck may face a long road to recovery. Aside from the injuries that might require significant medical intervention and rehabilitative services, injured individuals may also experience mental and emotional trauma and face limitations on their activities at home and work. All in all, injured individuals and their families may pay a heavy toll following a crash.

When another driver’s or someone else’s carelessness leads to a collision, those injured may be able to pursue a claim for compensation against the at-fault person. A claim that settles or a claim that prevails in court may provide the injured individual with financial damages to help pay for necessary treatment and recovery. Reach out to an experienced Newport Beach car accident lawyer today.

When Injured Motorists are Eligible for Compensation

Car accidents are frequently the result of one or more person’s negligence behind the wheel. This could happen when a motorist speeds or fails to obey traffic laws, drives and attempts to eat or text, or consumes an intoxicating beverage or substance before driving. When there is evidence that one or more individuals behaved in this or a similar manner, those hurt may be able to file a claim for financial damages.

Any successful lawsuit for compensation must establish that the at-fault driver’s careless or reckless conduct caused the accident and the injured plaintiff’s resulting harm. Plaintiffs who fail to provide evidence and testimony from witnesses that establish this causal link between the defendant’s behavior and their injuries may be ineligible to recover any damages.

Additionally, plaintiffs must also come forward with documentation describing the extent of their harm. Bills for medical or rehabilitative services, attendance sheets from work showing shifts missed due to appointments and recovery, and the plaintiffs’ statements as to how their injuries have impacted their lives and livelihoods may all be persuasive in meeting this obligation.

Filing a Claim with Insurance Versus Filing a Lawsuit

Following a car wreck, it may not be apparent if injured persons should file a lawsuit or file a claim with an insurance company. While a claim filed with an insurance company may result in payment to the plaintiff sooner than a person could obtain a judgment in a lawsuit, an insurance claim only pays out as much as is provided for in the policy. This may not give those injured with adequate compensation for all of their expenses, especially if they may face ongoing treatment needs in the future.

There is more risk and more waiting involved in filing a lawsuit. Not only this, but a lawsuit may not work out in favor of the plaintiff. Nonetheless, a trial may result in the injured plaintiff recovering a more appropriate amount of compensation for their injuries.

Plaintiffs may find it helpful to speak with a car crash lawyer from Newport Beach about filing an insurance claim and filing a lawsuit following their car accidents. Experienced legal counsel might be able to assist plaintiffs in moving forward with either or both options.

Reach Out to a Newport Beach Car Accident Attorney for Help

You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries following a wreck, but it might require the assistance of an experienced Newport Beach car accident lawyer to obtain. Working with an attorney, you may be able to identify those who caused your collision and injuries and get restitution through an insurance claim, a civil lawsuit, or both. Call today.