Newport Beach Premises Liability Lawyer

Injuries sustained while visiting another’s home or while conducting business in a commercial establishment may lead to significant financial and physical harm. Concussions and back injuries may result from a slip and fall, or broken bones and hip injuries might follow a trip down poorly-lit stairwells. Any of these or other potential injuries may cause the person injured to face expensive medical bills, lengthy rehabilitation, and other financial and non-financial losses.

If you were injured on another person’s property and because of that person’s poor property management abilities, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries. An experienced Newport Beach premises liability lawyer could help you during this trying time. Let an experienced legal representative protect your rights and vie for the compensation you are legally entitled to.

Legal Duties of Newport Beach Property Owners

California law requires individuals or businesses who own, rent, or lease property in Newport Beach to fulfill certain legal obligations owed toward visitors and guests. Chief among these is the responsibility to take time to inspect their properties at reasonable intervals and look for any dangers or hazards that might injure others. What constitutes a reasonable inspection at reasonable intervals depends on a variety of factors, such as the time and resources of the person or company.

Once the owner, lessee, or renter of the property finds hazardous conditions, then they must generally either fix the dangerous condition or give others adequate warning of the danger. Again, the resources of the person, along with other factors, dictates what actions the person should undertake. Where danger is obvious and easy to repair, the person would generally need to correct the situation promptly. If the hazard would require an extensive or cost-prohibitive repair, the person may fulfill their obligation by posting a warning sign or roping the area off.

Those who own, rent, lease, or occupy a property and who fail to fulfill either of these obligations may have violated their legal duties. This, in turn, may expose them to legal responsibility for the injuries and losses of those harmed as a result of the property’s dangerous conditions. Newport Beach personal injury lawyers may help injured plaintiffs determine whether a defendant violated their legal obligations and whether the plaintiffs can pursue monetary damages as a result.

Plaintiffs Injuries Caused By Others’ Carelessness May Recover Compensation

Plaintiffs who are able to demonstrate that a defendant’s failure to fulfill their legal obligations to look for and repair hazardous conditions was the result of carelessness or reckless behavior that may be able to recover financial compensation. The plaintiff would do so by filing a lawsuit and presenting evidence and witness testimony to show that any other person or company in the defendant’s position would have acted differently. If the plaintiff’s evidence and witnesses further show that they may have escaped harm had the defendant acted differently, the plaintiff is generally entitled to financial recovery.

A qualified lawyer in Newport Beach may be especially helpful to an injury plaintiff. An attorney could work to collect the evidence and witnesses a plaintiff might require to prove their case.

Speak to a Newport Beach Premises Liability Attorney About Your Case

If you slipped and fell, tripped, or suffered any other injury while present on another person’s property in Newport Beach, you may have the right to receive compensation for any expenses you incurred as a result of your injuries. Contact a Newport Beach premises liability lawyer soon to discuss your situation, your rights, and what steps you may take next in seeking financial compensation.