Newport Beach Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses in Newport Beach present dangers to both individuals riding the bus as well as other motorists and pedestrians on the road. Buses are large commercial vehicles that could be devastating to other, smaller vehicles in the event of a wreck. Many coaches do not have safety restraints for passengers, which presents a risk of harm to occupants of the bus in the event of a rollover accident. In either situation, individuals may find themselves with severe injuries as the result of a crash.

A knowledgeable Newport Beach bus accident lawyer could work to assist those hurt by a negligent bus driver, whether that person is a passenger on the bus or another motorist. Bus drivers, as well as their employers and others, may bear responsibility for an your expenses and losses, and an attorney could help you seek and obtain financial compensation.

Negligent or Reckless Actions Lead to Compensation for Plaintiffs

The question that a plaintiff’s evidence and testimony ought to answer in a bus accident lawsuit is whether one or more people’s careless choices or oversights led to the wreck and the plaintiff’s injuries. A bus driver may commit negligent or reckless acts by:

  • Disregarding traffic laws, safety signs, or directions
  • Not enforcing safety rules on the bus
  • Choosing to drive the bus after consuming intoxicating substances
  • Driving without getting enough sleep before driving

The company that employs or contracts with the bus driver may also have acted negligently in connection with the accident. For example, the company may have:

  • Hired or continued to employ the driver despite a history of unsafe driving
  • Failed to provide remedial training or supervision to the driver when warranted
  • Ignored complaints by the public or other employees about the driver’s behaviors

Any person or entity that committed one or more acts of negligence may be responsible for paying financial compensation to any individuals who suffer harm in a bus crash caused by that person’s negligence. Attorneys may help these injured plaintiffs identify those whose negligence might have caused their harm and damages.

Settling a Newport Beach Bus Crash Case versus Taking the Case to Trial

Trials are costly and uncertain for both plaintiffs and defendants. This may lead the parties in a bus wreck lawsuit to seek to settle the matter instead of heading to trial. In a settlement, the defendant may agree to pay a specific sum of compensation to the plaintiff in exchange for the plaintiff’s agreement not to seek additional compensation for their injuries.

A settlement may be a desirable outcome for a bus company or bus driver accused of negligence as it may limit their financial liability. A settlement may be an attractive outcome for a plaintiff who may worry about losing their case. While the plaintiff is ultimately responsible for accepting or rejecting any settlement offer put forward, the plaintiff may wish to first speak with their knowledgeable attorney about the benefits and disadvantages of the settlement offer.

Contact a Newport Beach Bus Accident Attorney

Bus crashes may leave injured individuals with severe injuries and considerable financial losses. A Newport Beach bus accident lawyer may be of assistance to you if you are interested in recovering compensation for your injuries. The bus driver, the bus company, and their insurance companies may all be a source of payment for you. Reach out today to see what an attorney could do to help you.