Newport Beach Slip and Fall Lawyer

It is often difficult for social guests and customers to know what dangers are present on the property of others. Liquid cleaners, electrical cords, and food spills are just a few of the things that could lead to a slip and fall accident. Slip and falls could cause severe injuries for anyone, and the elderly are at particular risk of suffering catastrophic or fatal harm.

Those who invite others to enter onto their property may owe legal duties to those who accept such a request. This might result in property owners being legally responsible for any injuries that visitors experience while on the property. An experienced Newport Beach slip and fall lawyer may be able to assist those visitors who have suffered injuries recover compensation which property owners may owe them.

Legal Duties of Newport Beach Property Owners

Those who own or control property may generally be responsible for injuries people sustain while on the property if these property owners do not fulfill their duty of care. This duty of care may obligate property owners to:

  • Inspect their property regularly to look for hazards
  • Expend reasonable amounts to fix known dangers
  • Warn visitors of dangers if the property owner cannot fix them
  • Take steps to prevent children from being hurt by “attractive nuisances” like swimming pools

In determining what duties a particular property owner owes to a visitor, a court considers what is reasonable to expect of the owner under the circumstances. Factors such as whether the owner is affirmatively inviting others onto their property, whether the owner knew or should have known about the hazard, and the cost involved in fixing the danger all play into a court’s determination of what reasonable obligations a property owner may have toward others.

Available Compensation for Injured Slip and Fall Plaintiffs

Individuals hurt in slip and fall accidents may require emergency care or hospitalization. The injured person may need to miss days or weeks (or longer) of work because of hospital admissions or because they need to rest and recuperate. These expenses may be eligible for compensation, as may be:

  • The cost of emergency surgical procedures or other courses of treatment
  • Reductions in earnings due to injury-related limitations
  • The experience of pain and suffering related to the injury
  • Counseling services for any mental distress or trauma

Any other expense or loss that the plaintiff may have experienced, whether tangible or otherwise, is potentially compensable. For any such harm, the plaintiff must show a court that the injury is the result of an owner’s unreasonable or careless conduct. Also, the plaintiff must provide documentation, evidence, or testimony that shows an amount of monetary compensation that may fully compensate the plaintiff. Plaintiffs’ attorneys in Newport Beach might help slip and fall victims by assisting them in understanding the scope of their losses and filing a lawsuit for an appropriate amount of compensation.

Seek Assistance from a Knowledgeable Newport Beach Slip and Fall Attorney

A qualified Newport Beach slip and fall lawyer may provide you and your loved ones with competent and experienced assistance after an accident on someone else’s property. The facts matter in slip and fall lawsuits, and your attorney might be successful in gathering the witnesses and evidence necessary to establish a property owner’s liability for your injuries. Speak with your lawyer as soon as you are able to ascertain your rights and to take appropriate action.