Laguna Hills Opioid Lawyer

Across the state of California, countless people are struggling with opioid addiction and at risk of overdose even though they did nothing but follow their doctors’ instructions. Given the fever pitch the opioid crisis has hit in recent years, prompt action is needed to curb the epidemic and protect people from the negligence of pharmaceutical companies and prescribers.

If you or a loved one have dealt with symptoms of addiction, experienced an overdose, or suffered any other losses as a result of opioid usage, a dangerous drugs attorney may be able to help. One conversation with a Laguna Hills opioid lawyer could clarify your legal options and set you on the path towards financial recovery for the harm done to you by this overprescribed medication.

The Mechanics of Opioid Use and Addiction

Prescriptions opioids like methadone, oxycodone, and morphine are typically used as pain management medications for people suffering from chronic or post-surgical pain. These medications work by binding to pain receptors in the brain and preventing pain signals from reaching them.

However, just because these drugs are prescribed by doctors does not mean they are completely safe. The basic design of opioids means that they fundamentally change how the brain works, and they often cause users to experience feelings of euphoria at the same time. Because of these two factors, opioids can be extremely addictive and are therefore ripe for abuse, even when taken only as directed by a medical professional.

Anyone who has suffered because of an addiction like this should know that Laguna Hills opioid attorneys are available to help them take proactive action against the parties who wronged them.
Legal Options for People Suffering from Opioid Addiction

Unfortunately, people seeking to hold pharmaceutical manufacturers liable for harm caused by opioid medications still have their work cut out for them in many respects. It can be hard to convince a jury that a third party is responsible for the harm caused by a drug someone willingly took, and drug companies have massive legal teams accustomed to absolving them of liability for anything related to the products they sell.

However, federal law requires all drug manufacturers and sellers to warn both doctors and consumers about all known side effects their products could produce, including any risk of addiction. Since many makers of opioid medications obscured the true effects of their products and misled consumers about how safe they were, they may be a way for dedicated opioid lawyers to help plaintiffs in Laguna Hills work together through mass tort litigation to hold these companies liable and recover compensation.

Work with a Laguna Hills Opioid Attorney Today

Whether you are doing it for yourself or on behalf of a family member, pursuing legal action based on opioid addiction or overdose is far from a simple task. However, it is not an impossible one, and retaining an experienced Laguna Hills opioid lawyer could greatly simplify and streamline the process for you and your loved ones.

If you want to take action against the manufacturers, sellers, and prescribers responsible for your opioid-related losses, there is no better time to get started than now. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.