Laguna Hills Bus Accident Lawyer 

Laguna Hills is a beautiful and popular tourist destination, and with an increase in tourism comes a greater need for bus transport, whether for public transit, recreation, or sight-seeing. Unfortunately, this also means that Laguna Hills sees its fair share of bus accidents, which can be very serious, or even fatal.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident, you will need the immediate help of an experienced Laguna Hills bus accident lawyer who can assist you in seeking the compensation to which you are entitled. Contact a capable personal injury attorney today, and know that you are in good hands.

Bus Accident Facts

Bus accidents are serious, and not uncommon. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports than in 2015, there were 97,000 injury-causing large truck and bus accidents, and the number of fatalities from bus and large truck accidents totaled 4,337 throughout the country.

In Laguna Hills specifically, the Alicia Parkway and Interstate-5 freeway are common accidents sites for vehicle collisions of all kinds, including bus crashes.

Who Could be Liable in a Laguna Hills Bus Accident?

There are several different potential parties who could bear responsibility for causing or contributing to a bus accident in Laguna Hills, depending on the circumstances that led to the accident. Possible at-fault parties could include, but are not limited to the:

  • Bus or touring company
  • Public or government entity
  • Bus driver
  • Other drivers involved in collision
  • Pedestrians
  • Bicyclists or motorcyclists involved in a crash
  • Entities responsible for road hazards
  • Agencies responsible for hiring safe drivers
  • Companies negligent in performing background screenings and drug tests on drivers
  • Entities responsible for planning, creating and maintaining safe bus stops
  • Entities¬†in charge of making sure the bus is accessible to and safe for,¬†persons with disabilities

No matter which party bears the most fault in causing the accident, an experienced Laguna Hills bus accident lawyer can investigate the entire circumstances that led to the crash and determine how best to proceed.

Comparative Negligence in Bus Accidents

California operates under the comparative negligence rule, which allows victims of personal injuries to recover compensation, even if they were largely at-fault for the accident or incident that led to their damages. Some jurisdictions bar recovery completely if a victim is found to be even a small percentage at-fault. Other states allow victims to seek damages only if they were not more than half at-fault.

Does the Defendant Need to be 100 Percent at Fault?

California law is very generous to personal injury victims, allowing them to seek damages from the other party responsible, even if that party is liable for only a small portion of the fault in bringing about the injury. This means that victims involved in bus accidents should immediately consult with an experienced Laguna Hills bus accident attorney who can decide whether they may have a valid claim against one of the other parties.

Victims who believe they may be partially at-fault can still recover damages, and thus should not be deterred from exploring their legal options.

Consult with a Laguna Hills Bus Accident Attorney Today

Bus accidents can be frightening and traumatic. Following an accident, your primary concern should be recovering, not worrying about how you will pay for your injuries. Regardless of the situation that led to your injuries following a bus accident in Laguna Hills, your skilled Laguna Hills bus accident lawyer can help you pursue reimbursement for your losses, including medical bills, lost wages, medication, pain and suffering, and other costs. Call now.