Laguna Hills Slip and Fall Lawyer

Despite what many people may think, slips and falls can be extremely serious. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of accidental injury death among adults age 65 and older, and they are the third leading cause of accidental deaths overall.

Whether a slip and fall on public or private property results in a sprain, strain, a broken bone, or even a traumatic brain injury, a person can expect that a serious fall might lead to time off work during recovery, and medical bills for the care and treatment of any injury.

When a slip or fall is caused by insufficient property maintenance, inadequate safety measures at work, or other acts of negligence, an injured person with the help of a skilled personal injury attorney may be able to obtain financial compensation for his or her injuries. A Laguna Hills slip and fall lawyer can work to hold accountable those whose negligence led to another’s personal injury.

Types of Slip and Fall Injuries

Although falls are the leading cause of accidental death among older Americans, people of any age may suffer serious injuries in a fall. In fact, falls rank in the top ten leading causes of death in half of all age groups 25 and older. While not every fall will be fatal, and some only result in minor injuries or a bruised ego,  the National Safety Council reports that some 2.5 million people visit the emergency room each year seeking care for nonfatal fall injuries.

The CDC lists the following injuries commonly associated with falls:

• Sprains and strains, especially wrist and ankle
• Dislocated joints, especially wrist, shoulder, or elbow joints
• Broken bones, including wrist, arm, ankle, leg, and hip fractures
• Head injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI)

What Long-Term Effects Could Injuries Have?

Some of these injuries can interfere with daily living tasks and work duties, leading to lost wages or income while a person recovers. Other fall injuries can be permanently disabling, particularly in the case of a serious brain injury. When the fall is the result of the negligence of property owners or employers, an injured person may be able to seek a damage award with the help of a Laguna Hills slip and fall attorney.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are typically the result of one of two types of negligence: poor property maintenance or dangerous working conditions.

Premises liability is the term given to a property owner’s responsibility for keeping the property reasonably clear of hazards and to warn of dangerous situations until the issue can be resolved. Slip and fall accidents in a premises liability case frequently involve one or more of the following fall hazards:

• Slippery walkways (wet floors, icy sidewalks, and spills)
• Obstructions in walkways (loose rugs, cracked sidewalks, and/or uneven stairs)
• Broken handrails, lack of handrails, and/or railings that are too short or with wide gaps

How Could a Slip and Fall Happen on the Job?

Workplace accidents involving falls may include inadequate safety gear or training, ladder accidents, scaffolding accidents, and any other fall hazards associated with premises liability. Regardless of the cause, a Laguna Hills slip and fall lawyer can help seek the appropriate compensation.

Discuss Your Claim with a Laguna Hills Slip and Fall Attorney

If you are hurt in a fall, immediately notify the property owner if possible, and seek prompt medical attention for your injuries. Document everything available about the cause of your fall and get contact information from witnesses. Do not sign any waivers or give any statements to property owners. Contact a Laguna Hills slip and fall lawyer to discuss your case and to be sure you do not settle for less than you deserve.