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Any business that designs consumer products must meet specific standards to ensure that what they are manufacturing is safe for use. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong with the product, consumers often suffer the consequences. In the case of pharmaceuticals, defective dangerous drugs can cause many medical problems and can sometimes be fatal. A wise personal injury attorney is available to help you seek justice.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries because of defective drugs, you might be able to recover compensation. Speak to a Laguna Hills dangerous drugs lawyer today about your case.

Drugs That Cause Dangerous Side Effects

Some drugs cause severe side effects even when the manufacturer does its job correctly. Drugs can make it to market before the full impact of their product becomes apparent. Sometimes, the impact of a drug used to treat the condition might be so damaging that it outweighs any of its potential benefits.

Patients injured by these medications might be able to bring a case against the pharmaceutical company that produced them. How much the company actually knew about the dangers related to their product might impact whether a plaintiff will be able to recover compensation. This issue is one of the many factors that injured individuals should discuss with their Laguna Hills dangerous drugs attorney.

Defective and Contaminated Drugs

Manufacturing errors and contamination can lead to severe flaws in otherwise safe medication and drugs. Even in cases where a drug has too much of its active ingredient, that medication may present severe health risks to patients.

Medical devices also often involve defective parts that can cause injuries to patients. In the case of implants, the situation is even more complicated because removing such a device will require additional surgical procedures. Fortunately, individuals injured by defective medications or devices might have the ability to recover damages from the company that developed that product.

Product liability law applies to medications and medical implants. Those injured should speak to a Laguna Hills dangerous drugs attorney to understand more about how these laws apply in their specific case.

Impact of Recalls on Dangerous Drug Cases

Drug recalls are common in the pharmaceutical industry. Although drug companies must prove the safety of their product before it enters the market, if something goes wrong later, or new side effects emerge, the company or the FDA can recall that drug.

Drug recalls fall into several categories based on the severity of the potential for harm. The most severe category is Class 1, which are those that create a substantial risk of severe injuries, irreversible damage, or accidental death. Class 2 recalls also may cause injuries, but doctors might be able to treat them so that they do not cause permanent damage. Class 3 recalls are at low risk of injury to patients.

Finally, market withdrawal centers around minor problems that lead a company to voluntarily remove their product from the shelves to remedy any issues. A Laguna Hills hazardous drugs attorney might explain the impact of recalls on a plaintiff’s case and why a company’s recall decisions will not prevent liability for the damage it causes to consumers

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Suffering injuries from a dangerous drug is an emotional and financial problem for many patients. Proving that a drug is defective and caused injuries might lead to significant compensation for you and your family.

If you suffered harm because of medicine, drugs, medical devices, or other pharmaceutical products, you should consider taking legal action. Consult with a Laguna Hills dangerous drugs lawyer to learn more about what comes next.