Laguna Hills Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Laguna Hills is home to several beautiful bike trails, but even on city streets, it is not uncommon to see a cyclist whizzing by on their way to work, an errand, or even just for fun. Cycling has many excellent advantages, like avoiding sitting in traffic, getting exercise, and reducing one’s carbon footprint.

However, there are inherent risks. Cyclists lack the protective shield of a car around them. They are also less noticeable than other cars on the road, so a driver may not see them. The result can be a collision with a much bigger, much more powerful vehicle such as a car, bus, or truck, which can leave the bicyclist seriously injured or even killed.

When this happens to you or a loved one, you should speak to a Laguna Hills bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Experienced personal injury attorneys can help you to pursue a claim for damages right away.

How Common Are California Bike Accident Fatalities?

The OC Register reports that California has the sixth-highest bicyclist death rate in the nation. All of this is despite the county’s campaign to increase awareness, participating in the Ride of Silence during National Bike Month.

Laws About Passing Bikes

More significantly, in 2015, a new traffic law was implemented requiring drivers to be at least three feet from bicycles when passing. The law, however, has done little to curb the number of road cyclist deaths. The penalties for violating the law are relatively small.

Anyone who has lost a loved one due to a driver’s violation of this law–or any reckless behavior on the road– would be wise to speak to a Laguna Hills bike accident attorney as early as possible. The law may have been on the side of the cyclist, but only for a time. The statute of limitations for most California personal injury claims is two years.

What Are Common Bicycle Accident Causes?

Of course, cyclists bear many responsibilities while sharing the road, and should wear safety gear and obey traffic laws. However, most are extremely cautious, and are aware that they are far less likely than motorists to escape a collision unscathed. Too often, it is the motor vehicle driver who is found responsible. Their reckless behavior may be the result of:

When this happens, speak to a Laguna Hills bike accident attorney as early as possible.

First Steps to Take After a Bicycle Accident

There are a few crucial steps to take after being in a bicycle accident, that can save a life, reduce serious, lasting damage, or at least help get the compensation to care for the injuries.

  • Move out of the road quickly if able
  • Seek medical attention- even if someone thinks they are okay, they may be suffering internal injuries that can become harmful if left untreated. Furthermore, if the injured party is not seen as needing help, they will seem less credible if they later file a claim
  • Contact an experienced Laguna Hills bicycle accident lawyer. The sooner a cyclist gets advice, the better their chances of gathering the right evidence to support the claim and obtain the compensation needed to move forward

Learn More from a Laguna Hills Bicycle Accident Attorney

When recovering from a bicycle accident injury, you owe it to yourself to ensure you have every resource available to you. You owe it to yourself– and fellow riders– to hold those at fault accountable. Experienced Laguna Hills bicycle accident lawyers can help you do just that. Fill out a form to schedule a meeting with us.