Fullerton Premises Liability Lawyer

Any invitee on a property is owed duties by the owner of that property. Generally, the owner has a duty to protect invitees to their property from any dangerous circumstance that may exist or could be reasonably foreseen to exist during the invitee’s stay on the property. If you suffered an injury while on another person’s property, you may bring a claim against the property owner.

Contact a seasoned attorney today. A Fullerton premises liability lawyer can represent anyone who suffered an injury while on another person’s property by determining the correct owner of the property, asserting the party’s right to safe ingress and egress from the property, investigating the duties owed by property owners to invitees and guests on their property, and identifying types of compensable damages available in premises liability claims.

Identifying the Property Owner

If someone suffered an injury while on someone else’s premises, they may bring an action for damages and injuries, but they must bring it against the actual owner of the property. There are different ways of determining the correct property owner for purposes of premises liability claims, including:

  • Reviewing the owner on the title to the property
  • Reviewing the owner on the land records deed
  • Identifying who had possession of the property
  • Identifying who exercised acts of ownership of the property

There may be multiple owners of a piece of property, or one or more corporations may own the property. A Fullerton premises liability lawyer can best determine the correct entity depending on the case circumstances.


Property owners possess a duty to invitees and guests of their property. That duty consists of providing to invitees and guests adequate notice of any defective or hazardous condition which may exist on the property. Exceptions to this duty include when a property owner permits invitees to charitably obtain agricultural products or when the owner permits invitees to engage in recreational activities such as hunting, hiking, or the viewing historical cites (Cal. Civ. Ann. § 846.2 (West 1988); Cal. Civ. Ann. § 846 (West 2015)).

Compensable Damages in Premises Liability Claims

A Fullerton premises liability lawyer can assist in presenting claims for both economic and noneconomic damages incurred as the result of injuries suffered on someone’s premises. If the property owner is liable for the damages an invitee suffers, that invitee can assert noneconomic damages such as claims for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical impairment
  • Inconvenience
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages

Consult with a Fullerton Premises Liability Attorney

There are several types of hazards which may cause you injury on another’s property. With some exceptions, injuries suffered by a legal invitee to a property are generally compensable if the invitee was not made aware of the condition. A Fullerton premises liability lawyer can hold the property owner responsible for the dangerous condition on their property and help you obtain compensation for types of damages that you suffered as a result. Call today to set up a free consultation to determine your options.