Fullerton Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Major injuries are often referred to as catastrophic when they result in life-changing situations for an injured person. The potential consequences of a catastrophic injury could keep you from maintaining employment to support yourself and your family. They may also lead to short-term or permanent disability, and you could be left reliant on crutches, a cane, or wheelchair for mobility.  

A catastrophic injury could result from just about any personal accident, which unfortunately means they happen relatively often to a variety of people. If an accident for which you were not responsible left you with a debilitating injury, a Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyer could help you file a lawsuit and pursue compensation for your injuries. Discuss your case with a skilled personal accident lawyer right away.

Possible Damages Awarded for Catastrophic Injuries

Someone who sustains a catastrophic injury could seek a variety of damages from the individual responsible for their injuries. If their claim is successful, the injured person may be awarded compensation for, among other things: 

  • Medical¬†expenses¬†
  • Lost wages and¬†lost¬†future earnings¬†
  • Home modifications or renovations for handicap access¬†
  • Temporary or permanent live-in assistance¬†
  • Wheelchair, walking cane and other mobility assistance devices¬†
  • Psychological counseling for emotional trauma¬†¬†
  • Therapy and¬†rehabilitation¬†services¬†
  • General pain and suffering¬†

What is the Importance of Medical Records in a Catastrophic Injury?

In a catastrophic injury case, medical records are often essential to a successful claim. Medical records are the foundation of a catastrophic injury lawsuit, as they present a legal documentation of injuries and related medical conditions.   

This documentation could¬†reveal the impact of the injury to a¬†plaintiff‚Äôs¬†health and outline the treatment or rehabilitative services needed to help them¬†recover as much as medically possible. The court¬†typically uses¬†medical records to validate the¬†sources of¬†injuries and establish the amount of compensation awarded to the injured¬†party.¬† A Fullerton¬†catastrophic injury lawyer could¬†help individuals compile and prepare their medical record for a judge’s review.

How Do Comparative Negligence Laws Affect a Catastrophic Injury Case?

In many catastrophic injury cases, the defendant may claim that the plaintiff is to blame for part of the accident that caused an injury. If it is proven that the plaintiff shares a degree of liability, it will impact the total amount of money the plaintiff could receive for their injuries.   

According to state law, a shared-fault catastrophic injury case in Fullerton follows the pure comparative negligence rule, which means the amount of compensation an injured person may receive will be reduced by an amount proportional to their degree of fault in causing the injury.  

Time Limits on Filing Fullerton Injury Claims

There is a statute of limitations for filing a catastrophic injury lawsuit in Fullerton. State law gives an injured person two years from the date of their injury to appear in court and file a lawsuit against an individual or company responsible for the injury. A failure to file within in two years could cause the case to be dismissed and the injured party to forfeit all rights of receiving compensation for the accident in question. 

The legal, financial, and emotional turmoil that often stem from a catastrophic injury can be overwhelming. Every area of your life could be turned upside down by such an injury, and you may have to create a new normal framed by numerous challenges and permanent disabilities. 

Seek Help from a Fullerton Catastrophic Injury Attorney

A Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyer may be able to help you cope with the devastating consequences of a catastrophic injury. Receiving the right compensation for your losses and making sure the person responsible pays you, could lift some of your financial burdens off your shoulders and help you concentrate on getting better.