Fullerton Burn Injury Lawyer

Millions of persons are injured due to burns each year, often from unexpected sources. While a fire could happen anywhere at any time, other sources of extreme heat or corrosive chemicals could lead to burns that are just as severe and just as liable to cause disfigurement or permanent disability.

If you suffer a burn injury due to the negligent actions of someone else, a distinguished catastrophic accident attorney could help you pursue compensation for your damages. A Fullerton burn injury lawyer could work on your behalf to ensure you are fairly compensated by the party responsible for your injuries and losses.

Who is Liable for Burn Injuries?

Many burn injuries are caused by the irresponsible behavior of another person or company. For example, if a manufacturer creates a product that has a defect, and that defect causes the product to overheat to a dangerous degree, the manufacturer or distributor of the product could be held liable for any burn injuries suffered by consumers.

In the same vein, a company that fails to follow safety guidelines to prevent a fire may be held accountable in civil court. Health and safety inspectors that do not catch safety hazards on a building may be liable for any accidents resulting from their failure to detect potential risks.

Even landlords who fail to maintain their properties safely could face civil liability. If a rental property has electrical problems that eventually cause a fire, potentially liable parties could include the property owner, the electrician, and the manufacturer or seller of the defective electrical material.

Proving Negligence in Burn Injury Cases

If a person acts recklessly and causes injury to another individual, the former party could be held legally responsible for the latter’s injuries. This legal concept is known as negligence, and to prove its presence in the context of a personal injury, four elements must be present:

  • A person (the defendant) owed a legal duty of care to another person (the plaintiff)
  • The defendant did not fulfill their duty to the plaintiff
  • The actions of the defendant directly caused injury to the plaintiff
  • The plaintiff suffered losses as a result of their injuries

In many cases, a defendant may argue that they did not owe a legal duty to a plaintiff, or that the plaintiff’s own actions caused their injuries. In these instances, a Fullerton burn injury lawyer could provide evidence to counteract such claims and work to prove that the defendant is solely responsible for the injuries sustained by the plaintiff.

Expected Compensation for Burn Victims

Damages awarded in a burn injury case may depend on the causes and severity of the burn injury, which can be classified by order of degrees. A first-degree burn affects the outermost layers of the skin resulting in mild or moderate pain and swelling, while a second-degree burn penetrates the skin and causes extreme pain and blisters. Treatment for the latter type of burn may include skin grafts to aid in recovery.

What Type of Catastrophic Accident is Considered Severe?

The most severe burn a person could endure is a third-degree burn, which penetrates the skin and causes damage to connective tissue and bone. The treatment process is usually extensive, which may include reconstructive surgery or limb amputation and involve permanent disfigurement in severe cases.

In general, a burn victim may be compensated for economic damages and costs such as lost wages, medical expenses, treatment services, reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation and therapy, and loss of property to fire, as well as certain non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

Speak with a Fullerton Burn Injury Attorney

A burn injury can be a painful and devastating experience, and recovering from one is often a lengthy and difficult process. For help obtaining damages for your injuries, you should contact a Fullerton burn injury lawyer who could provide solid legal advice and stand with you every step of the way toward your recovery. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started on your case.