Fullerton Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicyclists have particular obligations and rights on the roadway. Being in a bicycle accident can raise a lot of questions as to who is at fault. If you suffered injuries in a bicycle accident caused by a negligent driver, you may have the right to recover damages.

If you are looking to recover for injuries suffered as the result of a bicycle accident in Fullerton, contacting an accomplished attorney can enable you to identify the obligations of a bicycle operator, identify the rights of a bicycle operator, and file a timely claim for any damages. Do not hesitate, contact a Fullerton bicycle accident lawyer today.

What Are the Obligations of Bicycle Operators?

Bicycle riders have the same obligations on the road as the operators of motor vehicles. One obligation is that any bicycle on a Fullerton roadway must travel in the same direction as other vehicles.

It is also expressly prohibited for the operator of a bicycle to operate under the influence of drugs or alcohol pursuant to Cal. Veh. Ann. § 21220 (West 2011). If a bicycle accident was the result of the cyclist being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the other party involved in the accident may be exempt from liability. Contact a Fullerton bicycle accident lawyer to learn more.

What Are the Rights of Bicycle Operators in Fullerton?

Bicycle riders also have the same rights as operators of motor vehicles. Fullerton observes the Three Feet for Safety Act, which dictates that any driver of a vehicle seeking to pass a bicycle on the roadway must do so at no less than three feet between the bicycle and any part of the vehicle (Cal. Veh. Ann. § 21760 (West 2014)).

The bicycle operator has the right to safely travel on the roadway and if a vehicle operator fails to provide adequate room, they may be liable for a traffic fine. If a vehicle fails to provide adequate room while passing a bicycle and causes an accident as a result, the vehicle operator may be subject to a $220 fine.

Claiming Damages for a Bicycle Accident

An individual involved in a bicycle accident that caused an injury may recover money from the person who caused the accident. To be eligible, the rider must have suffered harm.

Statute of Limitations

The potential monetary recovery, also known as damages, may only result if they file a claim in a timely manner. In Fullerton, any claim for damages resulting from a bicycle accident must be filed within two years from the date of the accident (Cal. Civ. Pro. Ann. § 335.1 (West 2003)). Failure to file a claim for damages within two years may cause the claim to be time-barred and the harmed rider would be unable to present any claim at all. A Fullerton bicycle accident lawyer could help a person seek compensation for damages.

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A Fullerton bicycle accident lawyer can help you identify whether you upheld your obligations on the roadway and whether your rights to the road were violated by a vehicle who caused your bicycle accident. After identifying the party responsible, an attorney can bring a timely claim for damages to compensate you for any injury.

Contact a Fullerton bicycle accident attorney today to get answers to any questions surrounding bicycle accidents. They can help you begin the recovery process. Call to set up a free consultation.