Fullerton Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Anytime there is an accident involving a pedestrian on the roadway, the results of the accident are often more pronounced and devastating than if the pedestrian was protected in a vehicle. Where the pedestrian was walking at the time of the accident is just as important as whether the vehicle driver was keeping a proper lookout.

Seeking a Fullerton pedestrian accident lawyer for representation in such a predicament can be beneficial in determining whether the vehicle was or was not obeying traffic laws. An organized personal injury attorney can assist in establishing the pedestrian’s rights and responsibilities and claiming compensation for damages.

What is the Legal Definition of a Pedestrian?

In California, a pedestrian is as any person walking without the aid of any propelling device, save for a self-propelled  , motorized tricycle, or motorized quadricycle. Bicycles are excluded from the category of pedestrians and have their own separate rights and responsibilities under California law. The distinction is made because bicycles are part of the flow of traffic on the roadway and pedestrians are not.

Defining Car and Pedestrian Duties

Vehicles in California have a general duty to keep a proper lookout for pedestrians on the roadway. Even though a vehicle may have the right of way, the operator of that vehicle possesses a primary duty to yield to any pedestrian walking within or across the roadway. Pedestrians have a host of duties to vehicles within the roadway. Some of these duties include:

  • Not suddenly leaving a curb or place of safety to enter a vehicle’s lane of travel
  • Walking on the right-hand edge of a road outside a business or residence district
  • Not crossing at a crosswalk where a sign is in place prohibiting it
  • Not standing in the road while trying to hitch a ride

If a pedestrian involved in an accident violates any of these duties, it may affect their ability to recover compensation.

Claiming Damages from a Pedestrian Accident in Fullerton

Retaining a Fullerton pedestrian accident lawyer to file a claim for any damages suffered must be done in a timely manner. In seeking a claim for damages, a pedestrian may be entitled to compensation for the impacts upon their life as a direct and proximate cause of the pedestrian accident, regardless of whether the driver could have anticipated the accident.

The timely retention of an attorney for a pedestrian accident in Fullerton is important, as claims can only be brought against the driver of the vehicle within two years from the date of the accident.

Why it is Important to Call a Fullerton Pedestrian Injury Attorney

Contacting a Fullerton pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as the accident occurs can afford you ample opportunity to present a claim for damages. The attorney can review the pedestrian accident more fully, identify the vehicular laws, and preserve your rights.

If you were a pedestrian who suffered injury in an accident, contact an attorney in Fullerton to preserve and timely file your claim for damages. They can help you determine the best way to move forward.