Fullerton Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents can cause more than just physical injuries—in fact, accidents can have long-term, life-altering consequences. Depending on the circumstances, a car accident victim may also face criminal charges, jail time, loss of income, emotional stress, and/or exorbitant medical bills.

The state of California has some of the most restrictive laws in the nation regarding car accident compensation. If you are involved in an accident in California, you may need the help of a Fullerton car accident lawyer who understands California’s complicated car accident laws. Let a seasoned personal injury attorney advocate for you.

How Could a Car Accident Attorney Help?

The aftermath of a car crash is understandably an overwhelming time, but anyone involved in one could avoid an unprotected and uncertain future by seeking out personalized advice and attention. A qualified car wreck attorney can answer questions and begin to gather the evidence necessary to build a civil case.

Specifically, a Fullerton car accident attorney could help by:

  • Acquiring accident reports and photographic evidence
  • Evaluating the accident scene
  • Speaking with investigating police
  • Communicating with insurance companies and adjusters
  • Obtaining statements from witnesses
  • Interacting with healthcare providers to secure appropriate medical reports
  • Building a case based on their client’s personal circumstances

Statute of Limitations

In Fullerton, as in the rest of California, the statute of limitations for a car accident claim varies according to the circumstances at hand. A personal injury claim must be filed within two years of the injury in accordance with California Code of Civil Procedure §335.1, but claims involving a government agency should be filed within six months. A knowledgeable car accident attorney in Fullerton could ensure potential clients do not miss the opportunity to file their claim.

What is Comparative Negligence?

California is a comparative negligence state. This means that in a car accident case, the court will determine to what degree each involved party is responsible. For example, if a driver hits a parked car that was parked illegally, the court may rule that the owner of the parked car was 30% at fault, meaning the driver who hit the car is now only 70% at fault.

Based on this division of fault, the state of California will only allow an accident victim to collect the percent of damages they are not responsible for. Do not get caught by surprise—let a Fullerton car accident lawyer help gather evidence needed to prove liability.

Non-Economic Damage Claims in California

California Civil Code §3333.4 states that a person suffering from non-economic damages caused by a motor vehicle accident may be limited or barred from receiving money for those damages.

Non-economic damages are qualitative injuries and losses like pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and certain types of disability. An experienced Fullerton car crash attorney understands that non-economic damages are often the most challenging to overcome and cannot be quantified. Fortunately, a skilled and seasoned legal team could evaluate a crash victim’s personal situation and fight for the compensation they need.

Get Help from a Fullerton Car Accident Attorney

Picking up the pieces after a car accident may seem like an insurmountable task, but you do not have to do it alone. During this difficult time, a Fullerton car accident lawyer could work to help you get your life back on track. Let us take care of the details, so you can focus on getting better. Call now and get the help you need today.