Newport Beach Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

One of the most severe outcomes an accident can have is damage to back, neck, or spinal cord. This collection of nerves and vertebrae is the central pathway for the entire body’s nervous system, so any bruising, tearing, or severing of these nerves can have catastrophic consequences.

Following an accident that resulted in significant spinal cord damage, a Newport Beach spinal cord injury lawyer could help you pursue compensation for both short-term and long-term damages. By retaining a dedicated personal injury attorney, you could put yourself in a much better position to construct a strong civil case and protect yourself, your family, and your future prospects.

Effects of Damage to the Spinal Cord

In a medical sense, the symptoms of a spinal cord injury stem from motor neurons from the brain being unable to reach various parts of the body. The vertebrae that surround the spinal cord are meant to protect the spinal cord from external harm, but severe car crashes, sports-related impacts, and medical mistakes often result in damage to this crucial bundle of nerves.

Although it is the most serious type of back injury, the spinal cord does not have to be completely severed for an injury victim to be negatively impacted. A partial tear of the spinal cord, ruptured disc, or even a pinched nerve may cause a loss of function in the nervous system, as well as in various limbs below where the injury is located.

These latter injuries can also be described as incomplete spinal cord injuries. As opposed to a complete injury, incomplete spinal cord damage still allows for some sensation and movement below the point of impact, and victims of such injuries often have an increased likelihood of recovery. Even if spinal cord damage is not permanent, though, related expenses and losses could still be recoverable with the help of a Newport Beach spinal cord injury attorney.

What Losses Could Be Factored into a Spinal Cord Injury Suit?

Given how often spinal cord injuries result in debilitating long-term damage, any ensuing civil lawsuit must account not only for immediately evident losses, but also for expenses and missed opportunities that may come to light years down the road. For example, medical expenses for both short-term emergency stabilization and expected long-term therapy and recovery should be included in a comprehensive settlement demand.

Other economic damages that a spinal cord damage lawyer in Newport Beach could help a victim pursue include lost work wages, loss of ability to earn an income in the future, and any costs associated with property modifications that a long-term injury necessitates. Compensation for non-economic damages like loss of consortium and loss of life opportunities should be a key consideration in this kind of case as well.

Timelines to File a Personal Injury Claim

Unfortunately, like with any personal injury lawsuit, allegations of comparative fault may have a negative impact on recovery. Among other services, skilled legal counsel could help an injured plaintiff contest any accusations of liability on their own part, as well as ensure compliance with the two-year statute of limitations set by California Code of Civil Procedure §335.1 on personal injury cases.

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Holding a negligent party responsible for the effects of a spinal cord injury is far from a frivolous endeavor—for many victims of spine damage, it is an essential step towards protecting their financial future and preserving their own livelihood as well as those of their family members. If you suffered any kind of losses due to someone else’s reckless, careless, or intentional actions, you deserve to be fairly compensated for them as much as civil law allows.

Once retained, a Newport Beach spinal cord injury lawyer could help you construct a strong case for compensation and pursue the best possible resolution to it both in and out of court. Call today to learn more or set up an initial consultation.