Newport Beach Paralysis Injury Lawyer

A paralyzing injury is one of the few kinds that can be truly life-altering. Instead of healing and returning to the same level of health you enjoyed prior to your accident, the best-case scenario may just be a stabilized condition and a secure financial future.

Unfortunately, ensuring you are protected in these ways after being paralyzed is rarely a simple task. However, if your injury stemmed from the negligent or intentional actions of another person, a Newport Beach paralysis injury lawyer could help you seek compensation not only for your immediate expenses, but also for the losses your injury may cause in the long run. Reach out to an experienced attorney today.

Paralyzing Injuries and Incidents

In most cases, paralysis stems from a partial or complete tearing of the spinal cord, which is a bundle of nerves encased within and protected by the vertebrae of the spine. A hard impact to the head, neck, or spine during a car crash, recreational activity, or workplace accident can inhibit the spinal cordā€™s ability to transmit messages from the brain to the rest of the body, as can certain diseases and mistakes by medical professionals.

Paralysis is primarily characterized by loss of sensation, loss of motor control, and inhibition of bodily and sexual function. Injuries to the lower portion of the spinal cord closer to the tailbone typically result in paraplegia, which is paralysis of the legs, pelvic organs, and everything else below the waist. Quadriplegia stems from injuries higher up the spinal cord and entails loss of function in all four limbs and everything else below the neck.

Symptoms of injuries that may cause or lead to paralysis are not always obvious, and a failure to obtain appropriate medical attention after suffering such an injury could have devastating consequences. Anyone who is worried about the financial costs of treatment should seek professional medical care first and then talk to a Newport Beach paralysis injury attorney about options for pursuing compensation for those and other losses.

What Could Block a Paralysis Victim from Recovering Financially?

If someone elseā€™s actions cause an accident that results in paralysis, the injured party may be able to file suit against that negligent party and force them to provide compensation for every injury and loss stemming from the incident in question. In order to prove someone was legally negligent, however, a paralysis injury victim in Newport Beachā€”or the lawyer representing themā€”must demonstrate that all the following are true:

  • The defendant owed the plaintiff an implicit or explicit duty of reasonable care
  • Through their own reckless or careless actions, the defendant breached the duty of care applicable to them under the circumstances
  • A causal relationship exists between the defendantā€™s breach of duty and the accident the plaintiff is filing suit over
  • The accident in question resulted in compensable damages to the plaintiff

Other legal theories may be applicable depending on the circumstancesā€”for example, the applicable standard of care and definition of negligence is very different for medical professionals than it is for the average motor vehicle driver. Furthermore, statutory deadlines and the possibility of comparative fault could leave a plaintiff with less compensation than they need to make up for their damages, or with no compensation at all. Assistance from skilled legal counsel is often crucial for any paralysis victim seeking a positive resolution to their claim.

What a Newport Beach Paralysis Injury Attorney Could Do to Help

The immediate aftermath of a paralyzing accident is critically important in both medical and financial terms. In addition to seeking professional care and ensuring an optimal medical outcome for yourself, you also need to think about how you will pay for that care, as well as make up for the economic and non-economic losses your injury will cause in the future.

Help from a Newport Beach paralysis injury lawyer could make up your pursuit of civil justice less stressful and more effective, not to mention give you better odds of a positive resolution to your case. Talk to a legal professional today about what may be possible in your situation.