Newport Beach Burn Injury Lawyer

Severe burns stem from a variety of circumstancesā€”from hot stovetops and oils to broken consumer products, car wrecks, and even chemical exposure. Regardless of the specific source, however, burn injuries are always painful and often tricky to treat as well.

Recovering civil compensation following a serious burn may be in your best interests, but doing so without assistance from a personal injury attorney may be more trouble than it is worth. Instead of navigating the legal field alone, consider enlisting a Newport Beach burn injury lawyer who knows how to handle these types of cases and how fight for the rights of injury victims.

The Basics of Burn Injury Law

When it comes to personal injury law, a burn injury is like any other kind: if it stems directly from someone elseā€™s violation of a duty of care and requires medical attention at any point, it could serve as the basis for a civil lawsuit. Where things often get more complicated, however, is when collecting evidence of liability and using it to prove negligence ā€œbased on a preponderance of the evidenceā€.

Depending on the circumstances in which a burn injury occurs, many different forms of evidence may be relevant to an ensuing civil case. If a burn results from a car crash, for example, police reports, eyewitness testimony, and accident reconstruction may all play a role in showing how the defendant is responsible for causing the accident in question.

Conversely, a burn stemming from a malfunctioning consumer good may require a claim based on property liability instead of traditional negligence, which involves different legal concepts and burdens of proof. A seasoned Newport Beach burn injury attorney could help determine what rules and regulations could affect the outcome of a particular case.

How the Severity of a Burn Affects Recoverable Losses

Generally speaking, burns fall into one of three categories in terms of severity. First-degree burns are relatively mild, surface-level injuries that heal up on their own in a few days and generally do not cause any lasting damage, while second-degree burns penetrate both the epidermis and dermisā€”the outermost and second-outermost layers of skin, respectivelyā€”and cause significant blistering, swelling, and physical pain.

Third-degree burns are characterized by white or blackened skin that is numb to the touch and may cause long-term scarring and loss of sensation. In rare and particularly dangerous cases, a burn may be classified in the fourth degree, which signifies catastrophic damage to underlying tissues, tendons, and bones.

Recoverable Losses

The more physical damage a burn injury causes, the more crucial recovering comprehensive civil compensation may be. In addition to short-term losses like bills for emergency medical care and wages lost from time spent out of work, a skilled burn accident lawyer in Newport Beach could pursue compensation for prolonged financial losses like physical therapy expenses and loss of long-term earning capacity.

Non-economic damages for loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium may also be available in many situations. Furthermore, California Civil Code Ā§3294 allows for punitive damages to be levied against a defendant in cases involving ā€œoppression, fraud, or maliceā€.

Learn More by Talking to a Newport Beach Burn Injury Attorney

Following any kind of accident that results in a burn accident, seeking appropriate medical care should be your number one concern. Once you have recovered and gotten your bearings, though, exploring your legal options may be your best next move, especially if your injury resulted in significant financial and personal losses.

A Newport Beach burn injury lawyer could offer guidance, support, and steadfast representation throughout every stage of your civil claim. To find out what one could do for you, call today to schedule a consultation.