Mission Viejo Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Given the obvious imbalances in the size and weight of cars as opposed to pedestrians, it is not surprising that traveling by foot involves a certain degree of risk. When it comes to road accidents, few scenarios pose a greater threat of catastrophic injury and death than collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. The seriousness of the problem is undeniable, and it is crucial that those injured in such accidents secure the help of a Mission Viejo pedestrian accident lawyer to pursue the financial compensation to which they are entitled.

The significant imbalance of size and weight does not absolve motorists of their duty to exercise due care to avoid colliding with such individuals, and statistics suggest that certain demographic groups sustain the lion’s share of harm when that responsibility is neglected. Pedestrian accidents tend to affect some of our most vulnerable citizens, making aggressive legal representation in Mission Viejo a necessity in ensuring that justice and accountability are obtained.

Causes of Accidents

Many pedestrian-related accidents occur due to motor vehicle accidents and pedestrians walking across roads and highways, but other common causes of accidents include sidewalk or parking lot defects, construction debris, and poor maintenance of roads and signs. Drivers who fail to stop at stop lights and stop signs, fail to look for pedestrians crossing walkways, or fail to pay attention due to texting or other dangerous driving are most commonly the cause of a pedestrian getting injured by a vehicle.

Pedestrians may recover damages from injuries sustained from someone else’s negligence with the help of a pedestrian accident attorney in Mission Viejo.

Commonly Sustained Injuries

The laws of physics and the attendant size disparities involved in crashes with pedestrians routinely combine to generate debilitating harm. Among the most typical sorts of injuries sustained include things such as:

  • Traumatic brain injury/permanent cognitive impairments
  • Deep lacerations and disfiguring scars
  • Broken bones
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Tissue damage
  • Blood vessel harm requiring limb amputation
  • Back injuries/paralysis

Lasting Effects of Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrian accident survivors may find that their lives have been altered in permanent ways due to the degree of physical harm they have experienced. Substantial medical and rehabilitation costs regularly place families in financial jeopardy, particularly when combined with lost wages stemming from lengthy periods of recuperation.

Fortunately, the law affords such individuals the right to pursue compensation from responsible parties, which can often include payment for doctor and hospital bills, loss of income, pain, emotional suffering and other key categories of damages.

After an accident, someone who sustained injuries should contact a Mission Viejo pedestrian accident attorney who will be able to protect their rights and fight for compensation. After they have acquired an attorney, they should also gather evidence for the accident in order to prove another’s negligence that caused their injuries.

Consulting an Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a collision with a motorist while traveling on foot or any other kind of accident as a pedestrian, the confusion you feel is likely substantial. However, a Mission Viejo pedestrian accident lawyer is ready and willing to protect your rights.