Mission Viejo Truck Accident Lawyer

In terms of roadway accidents, few types of collisions have the potential to produce the devastating types of injures for which truck crashes are well known. The vast differences in height and weight that characterize large trucks as compared to traditional passenger cars make injury in trucks more likely. The potential injuries and deaths resulting from crashes of this nature can be difficult to those injured themselves as well as to their families, producing lifelong consequences of discomfort, suffering, and financial loss.

If you have sustained severe damage because of a trucking company, truck driver, or other related party’s negligence, a Mission Viejo truck accident lawyer is prepared to do battle on your behalf and assert your right to maximum compensation. To begin the claims process, consult with an injury attorney today.

How Truck Accidents Develop

Most frequently injured in truck accidents were inside passenger vehicles, with the remaining injured people being comprised of pedestrians, motorcyclists or those on bicycles. There can be no doubt about the threat heavy trucks pose to California motorists and the potentially harmful crashes involving them can yield.

While truck operators across the country are required to meet strict regulations in order to obtain and keep their licenses, the IIHS reminds us that federal hours-of-service rules permit them to drive upwards of 11 in a row, up to a staggering total of 77 hours in a 7-day stretch. Furthermore, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has asserted that more than 30% of truck collisions are traceable to driver-error concerns that include:

  • Driving while impaired
  • Fatigued driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Inattention
  • Errors in judgment

As if these hazards were not alarming enough, poorly loaded cargo, negligently maintained roads, unexpected weather conditions, defective truck equipment and delayed vehicle maintenance are also to blame in an unacceptable number of truck accident injuries and deaths. A Mission Viejo truck accident attorney can help an individual recover any damages they may be entitled to.

Demonstrating Liability

As is the case in vehicle accidents, truck collisions are heavily fact-intensive situations requiring intensive investigation by an experienced Mission Viejo truck accident attorney. It is important for victims to understand that liability in their matter may extend far beyond the immediately identifiable defendants to include seemingly more remote parties who indeed share responsibility for what happened. Such additional lawsuit targets may include:

  • Freight loading firms
  • Truck manufacturers
  • Components suppliers
  • Owners of motor carrier companies
  • Truck maintenance contractors

An experienced truck accident attorney in Mission Viejo can ensure that all prospective avenues of recovery are examined in order to secure every dollar of available compensation. This is true even with regard to parties that injured people may not initially assume bear responsibility for the harm sustained.

Securing Seasoned Truck Accident Advocacy

The consequences of truck crashes can be expensive, encompassing things such as:

  • Current, past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy costs
  • Ongoing pain and physical suffering
  • Emotional distress and anxiety disorders
  • Handicap modifications of the home
  • Funeral costs
  • Financial support for deceased victims’ dependents

Therefore, if you have experienced the misfortune of a heavy truck crash in California, a Mission Viejo truck accident lawyer is prepared to conduct a complete investigation of the facts, assemble key evidence and aggressively advocate for the rights of you and your family.