Mission Viejo Slip and Fall Lawyer

In terms of sheer numbers, slip and fall accidents comprise a staggering proportion of the personal injury events experienced by Californians each and every year. Considering the vast array of scenarios in which dangerous accidents of this type can occur, it should come as no great surprise that the National Safety Council reports such incidents as being the second most significant driver of unintended fatalities, and the leading cause of injury-related deaths for those 65 years of age and older.

Seemingly in an instant, a slip and fall accident can turn a normal day into one that forever changes a life not only for victims, but their entire families. With this in mind, those who have suffered significant harm due to the negligence of another party can rely on a Mission Viejo slip and fall lawyer who is committed to pursuing the financial resources injured individuals need and deserve. To discuss your case and begin filing a claim, call and schedule a consultation with an injury attorney in Mission Viejo today.

Slip and Fall Facts

The seriousness of slip and fall accidents must never be underestimated, given their ability to produce life-altering injuries and even cause death. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that on an annual basis, more than 700,000 individuals, particularly older citizens, require hospitalization following a fall, often because they have sustained a serious fracture or a head injury.

According to the¬†Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), slips, falls and trips make up the lion’s share of industrial accidents, producing approximately 15% of accidental deaths, a figure that ranks second to motor vehicle incidents as a cause of fatalities.

Sadly, far too many of these incidents are the direct result of failures on the part of owners and managers of a wide array of premises to properly maintain their locations and prevent accidents of this nature. Obtaining the assistance of a Mission Viejo slip and fall lawyer is often the best way for victims to boost their chances of securing the compensation and justice that can be so critical to the recovery process.

Common Scenarios

Falls can happen almost anywhere, and an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Mission Viejo will be familiar with the types of evidence necessary to prevail in a wide range of cases. Conditions in which these types of accidents tend to occur with greater frequency include:

  • Highly polished flooring
  • Uneven and cracked sidewalks
  • Areas covered with ice, snow and accumulated moisture
  • Loose gravel or paving stones
  • Bunched or creased carpeting
  • Electrical cabling

Furthermore, slip and fall events can happen in a limitless number of locations, including parking lots, stairways, curbs, sidewalks, escalators, store aisles, building entrances and more. It is sometimes impossible for even the most vigilant among us to avoid accidental injury resulting from a slip, trip or fall.

Establishing Liability

It is not always easy to establish liability in a slip and fall case, and a Mission Viejo injury attorney will need to show that the premises owner or manager in question had a duty to the person harmed, that he or she did not fulfill that duty and that the injury sustained was a direct result of that failure.

Key questions in cases of this type may revolve around whether the property owner was aware of the danger presented, whether a reasonable individual would have taken remedial action and whether barriers or other types of warnings could have prevented the harm.

Benefit of An Injury Lawyer

It is indisputable that slip and fall accidents can and do leave victims with catastrophic injuries and sometimes even result in death. That is why the legal system provides those individuals with the right to seek significant compensation from those they believe are responsible for that harm.

To learn more about how a Mission Viejo slip and fall attorney can help fight to recover the costs of medical bills, physical rehabilitation and other forms of loss stemming from such an event, contact us today.