Mission Viejo Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Imagine your daily commute. You might get into your car, turn on the radio, put on your seatbelt, and take that familiar drive to the workplace. Now, imagine that same commute on a bicycle: it takes longer, feels further, and is unquestionably more physically demanding. Now imagine the difference between being involved in a motor vehicle accident in your car as a driver, and then with a bicycle as a cyclist. Imagining the higher likelihood of physical pain sustained by the operator of a bicycle is almost too difficult to bear.

Some motorists do not respect a bicyclist’s right to the road, resulting in motor vehicle accidents that are sometimes fatal.  Accidents involving bicyclists happen every day. While some of these accidents might be due to questions in judgment, or simple inattentiveness, others are due to the trend amongst drivers that the road is not created equally for all operators.

If you have suffered injuries following an accident, contact a skilled personal injury attorney who can help you pursue compensation. Mission Viejo bicycle accident lawyers can help you file a claim while you focus on your recovery.

What Are Some Common Bicycle Accident Injuries?

Injuries can run the gamut in these types of cases. Injuries suffered by bicyclists in accidents with motor vehicles include:

Long-Term Effects of Injuries

These injuries can lead to months of physical therapy and chiropractic care. In more serious cases, victims of these types of accidents turn to more invasive procedures, such as injections, manipulations under anesthesia, arthroscopic surgery, structural repair surgery, percutaneous disc decompression surgery, and others, depending on the severity of the claim.

For some unfortunate bicyclists, these injuries simply never heal: the catastrophic injuries of the accident continues to take its toll for the rest of the victim’s life.

Filing a Bicycle Injury Claim

Taking on a claim on one’s own can be daunting. There are claims that must be filed with insurance companies – many of which are difficult to deal with, often delaying claims and denying coverage due to the sheer volume of cases they have. A Mission Viejo bike injury attorney can assist with dealing with these companies; sometimes claims adjusters respond more favorably to attorneys than to plaintiffs themselves.

There is paperwork that must be filed with the court in a timely manner. Failing to properly file these papers could result in the dismissal of a case. The case must be prepared from start to finish. Medical records must be obtained and exchanged. Doctors and expert witnesses must be retained for trial. The selection of jurors for trial could make or break a case: for instance, pictures depicting accidents involving bicyclists may strike a chord with a jury of peers, but knowing which peers may be more sympathetic than others is the product of years of experience.

How Could Jury Selection Impact a Case?

The damage to a bicycle may help the case by garnering sympathy points. Selecting jurors that regularly ride bicycles could benefit the case by harping on the empathy factor. Knowing how to artfully question potential jurors is something a knowledgeable bicycle accident attorney in Mission Viejo can assist clients with, along with navigating the legal landscape and securing justice for the claim.

Contact a Mission Viejo Bicycle Accident Attorney

It is critical that you speak to a Mission Viejo bicycle accident lawyer to discuss your case, learn about your options, and select the course of action that will maximize your position. The statute of limitations for a personal injury action in the State of California is two years.

An individual has two years from the date of the accident to file suit in the State of California, otherwise, that claim becomes time-barred and the plaintiff is prevented from ever suing on that claim. For more information, contact a Mission Viejo bike injury attorney for an initial consultation.