Tustin Rollover Car Accident Lawyer

While every vehicle accident carries the risk of severe injury for the people involved, rollover wrecks have the potential to be particularly devastating. Most vehicles are reinforced to withstand collisions to the front or rear bumpers, but these types of crashes often involve a tremendous impact to the less-sturdy parts of the vehicle—the roof and the sides. A personal injury lawyer could help drivers injured in these wrecks obtain financial compensation from the person responsible.

Many auto accidents are caused by the actions of negligent drivers. However, in some cases, a crash is the fault of a defect in the vehicle or the roadway. A seasoned Tustin rollover car accident lawyer could work with you to determine the party that is responsible for your injuries.

Determining the Responsible Parties in a Crash

Many factors often attribute to a motor vehicle accident. Regardless of the cause, however, a rollover accident attorney in Tustin might be able to help identify the responsible party and hold them accountable on behalf of a victim. Some parties that are commonly responsible include other drivers, vehicle manufacturers, or government entities.

Other Drivers

Many rollover crashes are caused by the negligence of another driver. When a driver causes a collision due to driver error, they may have some responsibility for any injuries caused by the accident. In some cases, a collision occurs when a driver carelessly enters traffic or runs a red light without giving the appropriate right-of-way.

Vehicle Manufacturer

In some cases, no amount of diligent driving prevents a collision. Often, these collisions are due to defects in the automobile. These defects sometimes involve an error in the design process, a defect caused during manufacturing, or even a mistake made during a repair. Any defect could be the basis for a lawsuit, and the right Tustin lawyer may be able to help investigate the proximate cause of a rollover crash and determine the party that was at fault.

Government Entities

State and local government owe a duty to California drivers to properly design, build, and maintain roadways in a safe condition. If they fail to do so, they may be held accountable for any injuries the design errors are responsible for. If a roadway is too steep or a turn is too tight, these engineering mistakes could lead to severe crashes. The same could be said when a road is not maintained correctly, with loose gravel or potholes causing vehicles to flip.

The Role of a Legal Professional

There are many ways that a personal injury lawyer might be able to assist a person injured in an auto accident. The roles an attorney might assume on behalf of victim could include:

  • Investigator: A seasoned injury attorney would not simply rely on a police report to determine the cause of an accident. An attorney or their staff could complete a more thorough investigation of the crash.
  • Negotiator: In some cases, the responsible party or their insurance company may want to make a deal. An attorney could work to secure the best offer possible.
  • Treatment manager: For serious injuries, a driver may have multiple doctors and dozens of visits. To compile all of the potential damages, an attorney could compile those bills and records.
  • Litigator: If a case does not settle, an attorney could file suit and take the case to trial in order to obtain justice for their client.

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If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a severe automobile crash due to another person’s negligent actions—or inaction—you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. A Tustin rollover car accident lawyer could work to identify the responsible party and hold them accountable for your damages. Call today to learn more.