Tustin Failure To Yield Accident Lawyer

In California, injuries often ensue when drivers fail to abide by the rule of the road. In cases where drivers fail to yield the right-of-way, accidents inevitably happen. If you have suffered a bodily injury due to a negligent driver making a right-of-way violation, you might benefit from discussing your case with a personal injury lawyer.

When a negligent driver ignores the rules of the road and causes a collision by unlawfully entering traffic, the injuries are likely severe. Fortunately, with the help of a seasoned Tustin failure to yield accident lawyer, you have the opportunity to pursue financial damages for your injuries.

What Does Failure to Yield Mean?

Failure to yield is the failure of giving the right-of-way when required by state law. This failure could involve a right-of-way held by other vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians. A typical example is a pedestrian crosswalk in the middle of a busy street. Any time a pedestrian enters the crosswalk, California law gives them the right-of-way to cross safely. A driver that enters the crosswalk and strikes a pedestrian has failed to yield.

Another typical example of failure to yield involves a vehicle entering onto a highway. Any vehicle attempting to enter or cross a road is required to yield the right-of-way to any traffic already established in the lane. A Tustin failure to yield attorney may provide additional insight into how failure to yield accidents might occur.

Proving Negligence in a Failure to Yield Case

Not every driver injured in a collision is entitled to monetary compensation. Under California law, specific requirements must be met for an injured driver to hold another party responsible.

First, a driver must owe a duty to the person they injured for an injury claim to be valid. In California, each and every driver owes a duty of reasonable care to other drivers, pedestrian, and bike riders.

Second, an injured driver must show that the at-fault driver violated their duty of care. In many automobile cases, a plaintiff’s attorney would point to the defendant’s failure to comply with the state’s rules of the road as evidence of a breach of the duty of care. Failing to yield the right-of-way might be used as evidence of a violation.

Finally, a driver must show not only that they were injured, but that the injury was caused by the negligence of the defendant. Both of these elements are critical and would likely be a focal point of any case strategy put forth by an experienced Tustin failure to yield attorney.

Potential Evidence Used to Prove Negligence

The evidence necessary to prevail in a failure to yield accident lawsuit differs from one case to the next. However, many car accident cases rely on the same essential documentation to reconstruct what happened. Evidence commonly used in a failure to yield accident trial includes:

  • The police report
  • Video of the collision
  • Written eyewitness statements
  • The driving record of the responsible party
  • Photos of relevant vehicle property damage
  • Accident reconstruction expert report

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Despite their complicated nature, it is possible to win a failure to yield case at trial. Prevailing in your injury suit is your best chance to collect the compensation you are owed from the responsible party. To receive help with that process, contact a Tustin failure to yield accident lawyer today.