Rancho Santa Margarita Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

Unlike a crash against the back or front bumper of a vehicle, a side-impact collision with your car provides you very little in the way of protection. Whether you were t-boned or sideswiped, this type of accident could result in significant bodily harm. If you are injured from such an incident, you should consult with a Rancho Santa Margarita side-impact car accident lawyer.

A practiced personal injury attorney could sit down with you one-on-one and analyze the details of your situation. Afterward, you may find that you have certain legal rights and a means to pursue financial compensation for both your physical and psychological damages. Depending on your case, a local lawyer may be able to represent you and your claim and strive to achieve a more favorable resolution to your suit on your behalf.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

After an accident, it is likely victims must endure bills from medical expenses, lost time at work, and depending on the severity of the accident, rehabilitation expenses. While a victim could speak with a Rancho Santa Margarita side-impact car accident attorney and discuss that option, that is not the only means by which a plaintiff could receive funds to pay for their out-of-pocket expenses.

Under California law, drivers are required to have a certain minimum amount of car insurance in the event of an accident. A driver with California auto insurance is required to carry $15,000 of liability coverage per person and $30,000 per accident. While this sum of money may fall short of what is needed to compensate the plaintiff fully, this money could generally be received more quickly than damages from a lawsuit. Furthermore, depending on the plaintiff’s auto insurance plan, they may be entitled to more than just this minimum; therefore, the plaintiff should speak with their insurance provider and attorney.

Establishing The Wrongdoer’s Negligence

If a plaintiff chooses to bring a suit against the defendant for their actions, they and a side-impact car accident lawyer from Rancho Santa Margarita generally seek to prove that the defendant was negligent. Negligence, under California Civil Code §1714, is defined as a lack of ordinary care that brought about the injury which resulted in losses to the victim.

To prove this lack of ordinary care, an attorney generally seeks to establish that the defendant:

  • Had a duty of care owed to the plaintiff
  • The defendant breached that duty
  • There is an actual connection between the defendant’s conduct and the harm that resulted
  • The defendant’s conduct actually harmed the plaintiff

While these elements may appear intuitive, they generally require both a detailed factual and legal argument to prove a case to the court. A Rancho Santa Margarita lawyer with experience in litigating side-impact car cases may be able to navigate these complex claims on behalf of a plaintiff.

Call a Rancho Santa Margarita Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney Today

The potential legal rights, financial compensation, and overall success of a claim are unique to your case. If you were injured in such a preventable accident, you should consult with a Rancho Santa Margarita side-impact car accident lawyer and discuss the details of your situation. You may be able to achieve a favorable resolution to your matter. So, call today to talk one-on-one what and discover what could be done to help you.