Rancho Santa Margarita Car Accident Lawyer

Rancho Santa Margarita itself is a smaller community, but nearby is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the United States. The traffic congestion and wrecks that are often associated with Los Angeles are familiar to residents of Rancho Santa Margarita as well.

People hurt in a car wreck who need financial compensation to pay for medical bills and reimbursement for lost pay may find relief through the court system and the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. A Rancho Santa Margarita car accident lawyer may be able to demystify the civil process and help you receive a monetary judgment for your injuries and losses.

Bad Driving Leads to Many Car Crashes in Rancho Santa Margarita

A majority of car accidents are entirely foreseeable and preventable. Aggressive or inattentive driving and careless mistakes are often to blame for wrecks. Some of the most common reasons behind fatality wrecks include:

  • Speeding, driving too fast under the road conditions, or drag racing
  • Operating a car or other vehicle under the influence of drugs, medications, or alcohol
  • Failing to stay within the proper lane of travel
  • Talking on the phone, eating, or checking text messages while driving
  • Simple carelessness or not paying attention to one’s own driving or the driving of others

Discovering the underlying cause(s) of a car wreck and the person or people responsible takes time and resources. Experienced and knowledgeable Rancho Santa Margarita attorneys could review a car wreck case and determine an injured person’s legal rights more quickly than someone trying to make such determinations on his or her own.

Prevailing in a Car Accident Lawsuit

The injured party in a car wreck who files a lawsuit must prove several facts to a judge or jury before he or she receives compensation. The injured person must first show that the irresponsible party acted carelessly or recklessly and thereby caused the car wreck. Next, the victim must show that the car crash is the cause of his or her injuries. Finally, the victim must demonstrate the extent of his or her injuries so that the court could determine what amount of money adequately compensates them. Fortunately, a seasoned lawyer could help establish negligence.

The defendant may raise one or more defenses in a lawsuit. For example, the defendant may argue that the plaintiff was also careless and contributed to the crash. The defendant may claim that the plaintiff’s injuries were not as serious or costly as the plaintiff claims. A car accident lawyer in Rancho Santa Margarita could review the facts of a particular accident and advise a person as to his or her chances of success with a lawsuit.

Reach Out to a Rancho Santa Margarita Car Accident Attorney

You may have rights if you suffered an injury in an automobile crash, but you only have a short time to assert them. If two years or more elapses after the accident, you may be unable to pursue any legal course of action.

Speaking with an experienced attorney may help answer other questions you may have. A Rancho Santa Margarita car accident lawyer could look at your case and help you to better understand your rights.