Laguna Niguel Slip and Fall Lawyer

A slip and fall accident can cause severe injuries to a person, all because a property owner negligently failed to take care of their property or warn you of a known hazard. This type of negligence is often the basis for a civil lawsuit. These accidents can happen on private or public property, and the legal standard for determining the property owner’s duties may differ depending on the situation.

To understand the legal aspects of your particular situation and the potential compensation available in your case, speak with a Laguna Niguel slip and fall lawyer. A consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney could help you begin the legal process to seek financial compensation.

How a Slip and Fall Can Occur

Many slip and fall accidents can be as simple as a customer slipping on a puddle of liquid at the local grocery store. This type of situation is a common one and may be actionable through a civil lawsuit. But there are many other variations of a slip and fall accident which might also entitle a plaintiff to a financial award. These may include situations such as the following:

  • A collapse of a porch, deck, or balcony
  • Falls from a significant height
  • Ice and snow on the ground
  • Holes in the ground
  • Uneven stairs or entryways
  • Playground equipment injuries
  • Slip and falls in the workplace

Depending on how a person fell, it could have a detrimental effect on their physical health. In the right case, and with a Laguna Niguel tripping accident lawyer at their side, a plaintiff can seek the economic compensation to which they are entitled.

How Premises Liability Law May Affect the Case

California Civil Code 1714(a) outlines much of the state’s premises liability laws and the obligations imposed upon property owners. Owners of property must avoid willful and negligent acts that could cause entrants to the property any harm. This is viewed through the lens of a “reasonable property owner.” The court or jury will look at the situation that occurred and compare it to what a reasonable property owner would have done in the situation.

This comparison to the reasonable person is an important component of proving negligence in a slip and fall case. This is especially true because different types of visitors to a property may be afforded higher or lower standards of care. For example, a person invited or permitted on property is legally entitled to a much higher standard of care as compared to a trespasser. With a slip and fall lawyer in Laguna Niguel to represent them, a plaintiff could better understand their particular situation and move forward confidently with their claim for compensation.

Compensation in Slip and Fall Accidents

A financial award can help repair much of the damage done during a slip and fall. Injuries that are physical, psychological, and financial can all occur because of the defendant’s negligence. Monetary damages in a successful slip and fall claim may include:

  • Medical and rehabilitation costs
  • Property damage
  • Loss of income and earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium

These forms of compensation, and potentially more, might help alleviate the suffering a plaintiff has endured as a result of the accident.

Hire a Laguna Niguel Slip and Fall Attorney to Start Your Case

Filing a complaint in court will begin the civil claims process and the pursuit of financial restitution. Following state law and the civil procedure process is a complicated task for a non-lawyer or even an inexperienced lawyer. It is important you have seasoned legal counsel to represent your interests. Contact a highly-trained Laguna Niguel slip and fall lawyer today to get the help you deserve.