Laguna Niguel Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Biking is a fun and economical way to get around, and cities benefit from high populations of cyclists who can reduce pollution and traffic congestion. However, riding a bike on busy streets can prove hazardous. When you end up facing mounting medical bills, a trustworthy personal injury attorney could be your ally in the fight for financial justice.

If you suffer an injury while riding a bike, the driver or other individual who caused you harm might owe you restitution. Speak to a Laguna Niguel bicycle accident lawyer to discuss your claim.

Bicycle Accident Causes

Bicycle accidents often occur because drivers in passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, or buses neglect to notice these smaller road users. Even once cyclists have their own traffic lanes, drivers may swerve into those spaces leading to devastating crashes. For the cyclist, even a minor impact can lead to deadly injuries.

Sometimes, drivers also cause these incidents when they turn right and fail to notice a cyclist approaching from behind them. Drivers must respect cyclists’ right to travel on the road. When a driver injures a person on a bike, that cyclist should speak to an experienced Laguna Niguel lawyer about their right to pursue a claim.

Safe Cycling and Driving in Laguna Niguel

Both cyclists and drivers should use caution to help avoid tragic collisions. California law requires that drivers provide a minimum of three feet of space when traveling alongside or passing bikes. Drivers also cannot obstruct bike paths by parking or stopping in spaces dedicated to cyclist traffic.

In circumstances where lanes are narrow, or other hazards exist, drivers might need to wait in order to pass a cyclist. Bicyclists must also remember that they need to ride with the flow of traffic unless they are passing someone, turning left, or riding on a one-way street. If cyclists are traveling out of the road with a bike lane, they must use that bike lane unless they are traveling with the flow of traffic or turning.

Recovering Compensation After a Bike Crash in Laguna Niguel

If a court finds that a driver is even partly at fault for an accident involving a bicycle rider, that driver might need to pay them enough money to accommodate their losses. Damages can cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other forms of emotional or psychological related to an accident.

If the cyclist shares liability for the crash, the court will reduce the damages based on the bicyclist’s percentage of fault. Although a rider’s comparative negligence may result in a lower award, it will not bar the person from filing a claim.

The amount of damages compensable will vary based on the cause of the crash, the nature of the injuries, and other relevant factors. Anyone with questions regarding the value of their claim should discuss their case with a bicycle accident attorney in Laguna Niguel.

Time Limits for Filing a Bike Crash Claim

Plaintiffs should remember that they have a limited period in which they can file a lawsuit. The statute of limitations in California will bar those lawsuits filed more than two years from the date of an individual’s injuries.

Even if a person has a valid claim, the court will prevent that person from filing their lawsuit since the statute expired. There are some exceptions, such as giving injured children until the age of 20 to file suit for a childhood injury.

It is always wise to communicate with an attorney sooner rather than later, and a lawyer might be able to negotiate potential settlements with insurers without ever having to go to court. Providing extra time will also allow them to build a case strategy.

Hire an a Laguna Niguel Bicycle Accident Attorney for Legal Advice

Bicycles do not offer significant protection while sharing the road with cars and larger vehicles. However, you can take steps to enhance your own safety, such as following the rules of the road and wearing a helmet.

No matter how cautious you are, a negligent driver can still put you in harm’s way. If another driver caused your injuries, contact a Laguna Niguel bicycle accident lawyer for a consultation.