Laguna Niguel Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs are typically lovable and friendly but you can sustain serious harm if one of them bites you. A dog that acts aggressively can do immense damage to the body and do irreparable psychological harm to the recipient of the attack. Disfigurement often occurs, as can serious infections that are related to the bite. A person who suffered in this way should find a reputable personal injury attorney to help them file a legal claim. If you or a family member suffered an attack of this nature, let a Laguna Niguel dog bite lawyer pursue compensation on your behalf.

Injuries Common to Dog Attacks

Most dogs do not attack when they are approached by strangers. Sadly, certain dogs can be aggressive, and an irresponsible owner can play a part in an accident occurring. These incidents may lead to significant pain, psychological damage, or, in rare cases, even death. The recovery times in these situations can be long and the financial costs can be incredibly high. The most common injuries that dog bite lawyers in Laguna Niguel see in plaintiffs include:

  • Significant blood loss
  • Puncture wounds and skin damage
  • Muscle and tissue damage
  • Disfigurement and scars
  • Head injury and traumatic brain injury
  • Face and eye injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Disease and infections
  • Wrongful death

If any of these has occurred, the dog’s owner could potentially hold liability for it, and the losses that followed. It is through the owner’s negligence that a plaintiff could get the help that they need.

Understanding Dog Bite Law in Laguna Niguel

California Code § 3342 sets a strict liability standard for most dog bites and attacks. This means that the dog owner is responsible for the acts of their dog in nearly every case, even without proof of prior aggression. While some states require proof that the dog has been aggressive before, that is not the case in California. Even a first-time bite or attack will likely result in the defendant’s financial liability.

Certain exceptions exist to this strict liability rule. When these situations apply, the plaintiff may not be entitled to recover financially after a dog bite attack. These situations include:

  • If the plaintiff provoked the dog
  • If the plaintiff was trespassing on a person’s private property
  • If the dog was protecting its owner in compliance with state self-defense law
  • If the dog was legally used as a police or military animal

When these exceptions apply to the case, the defendant may not be liable for the plaintiff’s injuries. It is not uncommon for a defendant to claim that the plaintiff provoked the dog, even when that is wholly untrue. A Laguna Niguel dog attack lawyer understands this is a common defense tactic and could instead demonstrate through various pieces of evidence that it was not true.

Types of Damages in Dog Bite Lawsuits

When a canine attack occurs, the damages that someone suffers can be severe. The monetary compensation available in a successful claim is meant to help repair this damage and move a plaintiff forward in their life. Damages could include lost earning capacity, lost income, medical bills, in-home accommodations, and more. Non-economic costs may also include disfigurement compensation, pain and suffering, and the loss of enjoyment of life.

Seek Monetary Compensation with a Laguna Niguel Dog Bite Attorney

A legal professional understands how to handle your case from beginning to end. A proper investigation of your claim might reveal the facts needed to prove full liability of the defendant, leading to financial restitution. To learn if you are eligible for this compensation, contact an experienced Laguna Niguel dog bite lawyer today.