Buena Park Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

While walking, instead of driving, is good for your health and the environment, it can come with an inherent risk of injury or even death. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are approximately 70,000 pedestrian injuries in the U.S. each year.

If you or a loved one was recently injured in a pedestrian accident, you likely know how painful and expensive such an accident can be. Fortunately, a Buena Park pedestrian accident lawyer could assist you in the financial recovery of your damages. A seasoned personal injury attorney has knowledge of traffic laws and legal strategies to work in your best interests.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian crashes have many causes. One cause is improper lane use, such as when a bicyclist riding on the sidewalk forces a pedestrian out onto the road. Intersections can also be a prime location for pedestrian accidents when pedestrians or other vehicles do not adhere to crosswalks signs and signals.

Pedestrians are more likely to be hit when drivers are turning left rather than right. This is often because both the pedestrian and the driver are looking in different directions. Another prominent cause of pedestrian crashes is texting or talking on the phone. When either drivers or pedestrians use their phones, serious injuries and even fatalities can occur. A study by NYU Langone Medical Center attributed eight percent of pedestrian accidents to the use of electronic devices.

How Can Hybrid Cars Cause Pedestrian Accidents?

A final cause of pedestrian collisions is quiet vehicles, which can fail to give pedestrians an auditory warning of an approaching vehicle. In fact, hybrids and battery-operated cars are 40 percent more likely to hit pedestrians than cars with a normal noise output. In residential areas, the risk can be as high as 50 percent, according to the NHTSA.

Shared Fault Laws

In a pedestrian accident, both parties may share responsibility for causing the accident because the plaintiff’s actions may have also contributed to their own injuries. California negligence laws are based on comparative fault, meaning that a plaintiff’s own negligence will offset the liability of the defendant.

In a pedestrian accident case, the jury will assign a percentage of fault to each party. The plaintiff’s compensation award will then be reduced by the percentage they are deemed liable for their own injuries.

Can a Pedestrian Win Damages if They Are Partially Liable?

It is important to note that unlike other states, a plaintiff can still recover damages even if they are deemed most responsible for the accident. For example, if a plaintiff is 80 percent responsible for the accident, they can still recover 20 percent of their compensation award. Potential plaintiffs should consider contacting a Buena Park pedestrian accident lawyer to discuss their potential liability and how this might affect their damage award.

Talk to a Buena Park Pedestrian Accident Attorney

You should not have to suffer from injuries and pay steep medical bills caused by someone else’s careless actions without support. No matter the cause of your accident, a Buena Park pedestrian accident lawyer could help you seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

Attorneys have the knowledge and resources to help victims seek financial compensation and ease their recovery. Contact compassionate lawyers today to discuss your rights and understand your legal options.