Buena Park Car Accident Lawyer

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, approximately 32,000 people a year die in car accidents in the United States. California has the largest percent of that total, with over 3,000 of those deaths occurring in our state.

Car accidents can result in a wide range of damages, both to the vehicles involved and their drivers and passengers. It can be tempting to let the insurance companies work out the recovery. However, an experienced Buena Park car accident lawyer may be able to negotiate for more equitable compensation than what the insurance companies may want to settle for. If an individual has been injured in a car accident, they should consult a qualified car accident attorney that could advocate for them.

Causes of Car Accidents in Buena Park

Car accidents happen all the time, and for a number of different reasons. There are, however, some common causes that are particularly prone to cause accidents.Individuals should read on, and consult a Buena Park car accident lawyer that could fight for them.

How Does Impaired Driving Lead to Car Crashes?

Over a quarter of fatal car accidents are related to impaired driving. Impairment can come in the form of drugs, alcohol, or even fatigue.

Intoxicating drugs are not necessarily always illegal drugs. A person can also be impaired by prescription drugs to the point that they should not operate a motor vehicle, for example. Not following a doctor’s recommendation or the drug warning label can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of illegal drugs.


Speeding has always been and is likely to continue to be, a common cause of car accidents. Driving over the speed limit increases the potential for injuries, particularly to pedestrians. A person hit by a car moving at 20 mph has a survival rate of almost ninety percent, whereas a person hit by a moving car at 40 mph only has a survival rate of twenty percent.

Distracted Driving

The National Safety Council reports that every year, cell phones cause 1.6 million car accidents. Both talking on a cellphone and testing while driving are the most common form of cellphone distraction. Specifically, one out of every four car accidents are caused by texting and driving.

What Are the Cell Phone Laws While Driving in Buena Vista?

It is illegal to talk, text, or browse the Internet on a cellphone while driving in the state of California. More specifically, this law applies to all motorists and prohibits all cellphones use while operating a motor vehicle unless the phone is voice-operated or in hands-free mode.

The first infraction for cellphone use while driving has a $20 base fine, but with additional fees included, the total cost will be about $150. For any subsequent infractions, the base fine increases to $50.

Get Help from a Buena Park Car Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident in Buena Park, it may be important that you seek out experienced legal assistance. A seasoned Buena Park car accident lawyer could help guide you through both the insurance negotiations and any other possible personal injury litigation that may be necessary. Call today to schedule an initial consultation and see what options may be available in your case.