Buena Park Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Due to the natural risks of riding on an uncovered motor vehicle, motorcycle accidents are considered some of the highest risk accidents for injuries. Nationally, 98% of motorcycle accidents result in some type of injury. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that a motorcyclist is eight times more likely to be injured than automobile drivers and that a motorcyclist if thirty-seven times more likely to die as a result of an accident.

Motorcycle accidents in Buena Park can result in a wide range of damages, and it can be tempting to let the insurance companies work out the recovery. However, insurance companies may not always offer settlements that fully compensate injured motorcyclists, particularly if they are defending another driver who is legally liable for the accident. A Buena Park motorcycle accident lawyer could advocate on your behalf and fight for an appropriate settlement in your case. Work with a skilled personal injury attorney and know that you are in capable hands.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Buena Park

Motorcycle accidents happen all the time, often due to relatively common causes. For motorcycle riders, the biggest risk often is not necessarily from the rider themselves or their bicycle, but from other drivers who cause dangerous situations which result in the motorcyclist sustaining an injury.

How Does Impaired Driving Lead to Motorcycle Accidents?

Impairment can stem from the excessive or inappropriate use of drugs or alcohol, as well as from fatigue. In this context, drugs does not necessarily always mean illegal drugs. A person using legal prescription drugs can sometimes be just as impaired as someone using illegal drugs.

These drivers are a danger to everyone on the road—including themselves—and can face harsh penalties if caught driving under the influence in Buena Park. More to the immediate point, intoxication can also be considered evidence of liability in a motorcycle accident case.

How is Liability in a Buena Vista Motorbike Accident Affected by Distracted Driving?

The National Safety Council reports that cell phones cause 1.6 million car accidents every year. In other words, one out of every four car accidents are caused by a driver who is texting while driving or otherwise distracted by their phone.

Distracted drivers pose a hazard to even the most careful motorcyclists, especially when they do not pay attention to their immediate surroundings. A common accident motorcycle riders experience stems from a sudden right hook turn made by an inattentive driver. Right hook accidents occur when a driver fails to observe a motorcyclist next to them and makes a right-hand turn into their path, striking the unprotected cyclist or causing them to strike the side of the car.

Motorcycle Accident Recovery

The goal of a settlement in a Buena Park motorcycle accident lawyer should be to compensate the victim fully. If a serious injury causes a temporary or permanent disability, a formal demand for compensation may include damages such as:

  • Past and future health care expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Emotional distress

Settlements can compensate a motorcycle accident victim for immediate tangible losses like medical and repair bills, as well as less overt ones, such as mental anguish and pain and suffering. The amount of pain and suffering a victim experiences and can subsequently be compensated for is not an exact formula but rather results from a presentation of various factors submitted before the court.

Consulting a Buena Park Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, you could seek out an experienced Buena Park motorcycle accident lawyer. A qualified attorney could guide you through both insurance negotiations and personal injury litigation. Call now to get started on your case.