Anaheim Prescription Drug Errors Lawyer

Prescription drugs help countless patients recover from a plethora of illnesses and injuries, and they are an integral part of the medical industry. While these drugs are undoubtedly useful, they have the potential to harm patients instead of helping them if they are improperly dispensed.

If you were harmed by a medication error, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Medical professionals have an obligation to ensure their patients receive the correct medication, and if they do not, a skilled medical malpractice attorney could help you hold them accountable for their oversight.

In addition to medical professionals, hospitals and pharmacies also have a role to play in the dispensation of drugs. By hiring an Anaheim prescription drug errors lawyer, you may be able to receive compensation for your suffering from whoever is responsible for your injury.

What Are Some Common Prescription Drug Errors?

Prescription drug errors are more common than many people realize. Each year, countless patients are harmed by improperly prescribed drugs, and often, any harm arising from prescription drugs is preventable. Prescription drug errors often occur when healthcare providers:

  • Prescribe the wrong drug
  • Request the wrong dosage
  • Label a prescription incorrectly
  • Fail to monitor the health of a patient while they are taking a drug
  • Prescribe a drug that interacts negatively with an existing drug

The errors listed above can lead to serious problems, especially for individuals taking powerful drugs with a considerable number of side effects. Before prescribing and dispensing a prescription drug, both physicians and pharmacists should ensure the prescription is accurate and appropriate to prevent any potential errors.

The Importance of Patient Education

Before a prescription drug can reach the market, the pharmaceutical company responsible for producing the drug should issue a warning to healthcare providers about potential side effects and interactions. In turn, healthcare providers should be sure their patients understand potential side effects before they are given a drug. This type of education is necessary, and when patients are not informed properly, they are far more likely to use a drug incorrectly.

If a physician prescribes a drug without informing a patient about potential side effects, they could be held liable for medical malpractice. Pharmacies also have an obligation to ensure any prescription drug they dispense is correctly labeled and contains information about potential side effects and dosage information. For more information, get in contact with anĀ Anaheim prescription drug errors lawyer today.

Why Do Prescription Drug Errors Occur?

Prescription drug errors occur for a variety of reasons. Physicians are often overworked, and many hospitals and medical facilities are understaffed. This lack of personnel and time can place a significant amount of stress on physicians and other medical professionals, and it is possible that an inattentive doctor or nurse practitioner may prescribe the incorrect drug or prescribe a drug without examining a patientā€™s medical history.

Understaffed Hospitals and Pharmacies

Due to the busy nature of hospitals, healthcare professionals often have difficulty communicating with each other and ensuring medication is dispensed properly. Pharmacies face similar problems with understaffing and overworked employees, and often, communication between pharmacies and hospitals is strained.

This overall lack of communication and potential time crunch creates a prime environment for medication errors. Anyone who believes they were impacted by such an error should contact anĀ Anaheim prescription drug errors lawyer immediately.

Reach Out to an Anaheim Prescription Drug Errors Attorney Today

If your life was impacted by a medication error, you may be able to receive compensation for your suffering. Medication errors can have a profoundly negative effect on your well-being, and if you are already suffering from a medical condition, they could make issues even more complicated and painful. Reach out to an Anaheim prescription drug errors lawyer to discuss your case.