Anaheim Emergency Room Errors Lawyer

If you are faced with a serious medical emergency, you will more than likely have to visit the emergency room. The vast majority of emergency rooms are busy places, but they still manage to provide patients with the care they need. Unfortunately, some emergency rooms are inefficient or poorly operated, and many are staffed with overworked and undervalued medical professionals.

For this reason, patients who were impacted by these factors may want to contact an Anaheim emergency room errors lawyer, as you may be entitled to compensation if you were harmed in the ER by negligence or oversight. With a compassionate medical malpractice attorney’s help, you could recover financially for your pain and suffering, as well as for lost wages if the medical error leaves you unable to work.

Why Do Emergency Room Errors Occur?

When a patient enters the emergency room, they are usually seen immediately if they have a serious medical problem. However, if they do not have a serious problem or the staff does not consider it “serious” enough to warrant immediate attention, the patient may have to wait several hours before receiving care.

Many problems in emergency rooms arise from patients receiving the medical treatment they need too late. As patients wait to receive care, the problem they are facing can worsen and even lead to other complications or death.

Other problems in the emergency room are predominately related to improper care. Emergency room physicians and nurses are always in a race against the clock, but when they fail to maintain a basic standard of care, patients are far more likely to suffer from complications and infections.

Common Accidents that Occur in Hospitals

Forcing patients to wait long periods of time before they can receive medical care is a problem, but in reality, the most common type of emergency room error is a misdiagnosis. As its name suggests, misdiagnosis occurs when a physician or medical professional diagnoses a patient’s illness or condition incorrectly.

How Can Medical Expectations Lead to Malpractice?

It is not possible for a physician to properly diagnose every single disease or ailment, but when a misdiagnosis occurs because a physician acts carelessly or fails to provide a standard level of care, the physician should be held accountable legally and professionally.

Other common emergency room errors include:

  • Improper administration of anesthesia
  • Surgical errors
  • Paramedic and EMT neglect
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Delayed diagnosis

Unlike misdiagnosis, which is when a physician gives a wrong diagnosis, failure to diagnose occurs when a physician simply overlooks an illness altogether. Failure to diagnose can be deadly, especially when a patient is not referred to a specialist or told to follow up with their primary care doctor.

Overworked Physicians and Understaffed ERs

Physicians and other medical professionals are under an immense amount of pressure in emergency rooms. To make matters worse, many hospitals are understaffed with overworked employees in an effort to lower operating expenses.

Hospitals have a moral and legal obligation to ensure they have enough staff members to provide adequate care to patients, and no one should have to suffer because a hospital refuses to adequately staff its emergency room or give its employees reasonable shifts. Patients who were harmed by inattentive emergency room workers should work closely with their Anaheim emergency room errors lawyer to see what options are available to them.

Retain the Services of an Anaheim Emergency Room Errors Attorney

Emergency room errors are more common than many people think, and if you believe you were impacted by one, you may want to take legal action. An experienced attorney could help you better understand your options and decide if pursuing a lawsuit is right for you. Call to discuss your personal injury case with an Anaheim emergency room errors lawyer whenever you are ready.