Anaheim Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

Cancer is a devastating illness that turns the lives of countless Americans upside down each year. Many types of cancer have low survival rates, and it is imperative for cancer patients to receive the care they need as soon as possible.

When a doctor or medical professional does not correctly diagnose a patient with cancer, they will undoubtedly suffer until they can receive the correct diagnosis. To make matters worse, patients who do not receive early treatment have a higher risk of death from their condition.

If you believe a physician is responsible for providing you with an incorrect cancer diagnosis, you may want to contact an Anaheim cancer misdiagnosis lawyer for assistance. A skilled medical malpractice attorney could help review your case and determine what types and amounts of compensation you may be entitled to pursue.

What Causes Physicians to Misdiagnose Cancer?

Serious medical conditions such as cancer are often misdiagnosed for a variety of reasons. Physicians are not expected to correctly diagnose illnesses 100 percent of the time, but they are expected to provide a reasonable standard of care and do their best.

Doctors and nurses spend years in school learning how to treat a plethora of illnesses and injuries, but carelessness and inattentiveness can cause problems for even the most educated physician. Often, physicians fail to refer patients to more qualified specialists, and some may fail to follow up on test results. A cancer misdiagnosis could also stem from the following physician errors:

  • Diagnosis of a cancerous tumor as benign
  • Failing to diagnose a cancerous lesion
  • Ordering the wrong medical tests
  • Ignoring reported patient symptoms and complaints
  • Incorrectly interpreting test results

Failure to Diagnose vs. Incorrect Diagnosis

When it comes to cancer misdiagnoses, there are two primary types. The first type stems from a failure to diagnose an existing case of cancer. In this scenario, a physician may state that a patient does not have cancer at all, and unfortunately, the longer a patient goes without treatment, the worse their cancer may become.

The second type of misdiagnoses occurs when a physician diagnoses cancer as another condition. This can be life-threatening as well, and the more time a patient spends treating a condition they do not have, the less time they would have to spend treating their existing illness. For more information, reach out to anĀ Anaheim cancer misdiagnosis lawyer.

The Cost of a Cancer Misdiagnosis

When most people think of cancer, they immediately think of the physical and mental anguish it can bring. Cancer can certainly be painful, but it can also be extremely expensive to treatā€”and many cancer patients require extensive medical care over a long period of time. Payments for prescription drugs, chemotherapy, and other treatments can add up over time, and even with health insurance, the total cost of treating cancer can be astronomical.

Many of these costs could be avoided if a physician takes the time to adequately examine a patient and identify cancer in its early stages.

What Damages Are Plaintiffs Entitled To?

Depending on the nature of the case, a cancer misdiagnosis patient may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional trauma
  • Everyday living expenses
  • Lost wages

Patients should work closely with their Anaheim cancer misdiagnosis lawyer if they believe they are entitled to compensation for their suffering.

Call an Anaheim Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney Today

If your cancer was incorrectly diagnosed, you may be feeling angry and scared. This is normal, but depending on the nature of your situation, you may be able to hold the physician who misdiagnosed you accountable. Other parties, such as the medical facility, nurses, and physician assistants may be potential litigants as well. Call an Anaheim cancer misdiagnosis lawyer today for additional help.